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Project Specs

Project Head: Ranendra Datta, CIO
Implementation Partner: M. Tech Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Deployment Location: SAB Miller India
Best IT round cleared: Semi-Finalist


The Problem: SAB Miller has around 30 offices across the country, including head office, regional offices, breweries, depots, etc. Users from all the remote offices access applications hosted in the company’s Bangalore data center. The company’s users were facing performance issues while accessing applications remotely, and was looking for a bandwidth optimization solution to improve application response time.

The Solution: Riverbed Steelhead & Steelhead mobile solutions were deployed for all 29 offices across the country. The devices intended for various branch office were configured with a management address before being shipped out. Post that, all the implementations were managed & rolled out from a central location. The whole implementation was completed in 15 working days.

The Result: The company gained almost 60% bandwidth as a result of this deployment, which effectively means that an 18 Mbps pipe gives the performance of 160 Mbps. There was multi-fold improvement in response time for 7 business critical apps of the company. For instance, the time to download a simple email with 3 MB attachment reduced from 1 minute to less than 6 seconds on an average.

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