Are You Safe in This Vulnerable Digital World?

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We are living in a digital world where anyone can be attacked by any malware or a hacker can try to steal your data. Without a doubt, the digital world is boon but at the same time, vulnerabilities make it cruse, but thankfully you have options to restrict the attacks.
We discussed the risks with Govind Rammurthy, CEO and Managing Director, eScan to understand the current trends and possible solutions.

Current hacking trends

Govind Rammurthy, CEO and Managing Director, eScan

Govind Rammurthy, CEO and Managing Director, eScan

eScan has noted that most ransomware attacks could be contributed to cybercriminals using rogue RDP sessions to take control of servers & injecting ransomware in order to extort ransom from unsuspecting companies. The methodology to do this is being smartly executed by taking all possible steps to proactively disable real-time malware monitoring and/or uninstalling any anti-malware products installed on the said end-points.

In the present landscape, where attackers are trying to exploit every known weakness, be it unpatched systems or inability of the users/administrators to maintain password hygiene, eScan’s TSPM would protect the systems/organizations from such attacks. Of implementation of security guidelines for the development of IoT devices amongst the vendors. Furthermore, 2018 would also be the year of IoT Botnet attacks.


Growing vulnerabilities

The IT landscapes are highly competitive as well as innovative, due to its inherent quality of frequently changing technology. This change also brings new business opportunity in terms of upgradation of technology. However, with this, the cyber threat landscape also has become more complex. Hence, innovative methods such as, usage of AI to detect real-time cyber-attacks or to defend against ransomware attacks have evolved.

eScan, in its relentless efforts to provide security and protection from growing cyber threats such as DDoS, APT & Ransomware, has been constantly innovating and updating its product range to be at the forefront of IT security solution for next-gen threats and stay ahead of its peers. Some of our recent innovations in the security space are PBAE Technology, Containerization of Mobile Workspace, EMM solutions, EPP solutions etc., which provides real-time protection to large no of enterprise customers.


Protection against Ransomware

Ransomware incidents are on the rise and every day we come across variants / newer ransomware being added to the family. Furthermore, servers are being hacked by exploiting the Terminal Services (RDP). eScan has developed PBAE, which is a heuristic engine, which successfully defends against ransomware attacks. The other technology, TSPM, protects the servers/systems alike from hackers trying to gain a foothold via the RDP services. These attacks are detected and mitigated in real-time.


Network security developments

With the rise of threats emanating from networks, eScan’s Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) consists of various components for detecting and preventing the malicious activities and System Intrusions by analyzing program behaviors, blocking Portscan and Malware URL filters. eScan’s IDPS gains the live feeds from the endpoints for detecting any violations and prevent the same by restricting incoming and outgoing traffic, hacking, blocking access to malicious websites, and also by blocking port scan.

Furthermore, eScan has been actively developing VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment by Penetration Testing) to address the critical aspect of assessing the IT infrastructure by Enterprises enabling the IT Teams to find vulnerabilities in their networks.


Roadmap for 2018

In 2018, we anticipate the cyber-security issues like data thefts and ransomware escalating to complex targeted attacks on large enterprises, government organizations, public utility services, and other connected computing devices. Hence, eScan advises the new age technology adoption should be the cornerstone for data security and proactive protection measures.

We aim to continue to invest our significant time in staying ahead of the technology changes and trends to provide real-time security solutions for our customers from any kind of cyber threats, be it the emerging threats involving IoTs or sophisticated malware attacks such as ransomware or any other kind of emerging threats. As a part of our Vision 2020, that is to be a brand leader among IT security products and solutions in India, we will realign our channel and product policies to accelerate growth.

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