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Samsung did very well with its Grand smartphone in the country but somewhere down the line one felt that in current market scenario the phone did lag behind the competition and only thing that worked was its brand reputation.

Fast-forwarding to 2014, the company brought its much improved and slimmer Grand 2 device that sports a 5.1 inch HD display and better hardware. Usually, we have new/ upgraded Galaxy products following the same design ethos and the only change being on the hardware front. With Grand 2 things have changed, even though it’s marginal. It has a slimmer look and even at bigger size (5.1 compared to 5 inch) Grand 2 is easy to carry and built compactly. So what has Samsung done that makes Grand 2 more appealing than its predecessor.

Design and Performance
Firstly, Grand 2 gets the all-too familiar Note-3 like faux-pas leather coating at the back that is a definite improvement on the all-plastic body. The 5.1 inch display gets 1280×720 pixels resolution that makes color look vivid and crisp on the screen for viewing. All in all, Grand 2 is comfortable, lighter than Grand and bigger yet compact to use. Now moving to hardware, it goes from dual-core to quad-core and 1 GB to 1.5 GB RAM. Those changes offer a stable and lag-free performance and no heating issues whatsoever, barring some odd instances that are not worrying.

In terms of what remains the same is the TouchWiz interface from Samsung that seriously needs a makeover. The company has announced new TouchWiz look on the Galaxy S5 which might suggest the same might head over to other Galaxy devices in the coming months. The other notable similarity with Grand is the front and rear cameras but thanks to better powered hardware the camera responsiveness gets better. 

Finally, in terms of battery life, Grand 2 lasted us for well over 18 hours wherein 3 hours of surfing, 1 hour gaming, 3 hours of music and 3 hours of social networking via Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter was done. This led us to believe that Grand 2 is a dependable day-to-day workhorse.

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