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Samsung S Skin Exhibited at CES 2017: Mini Gizmo for Anti-aging and Skin Treatment

Swinging on traffic-congested branches in the concrete jungle, cortisol in our bodies in all-time high. Cortisol is the hormone, or biochemical inside mammals’ bodies, which result in stress. And binding to the stress is a wide and largely mysterious spectrum of skin problems. Although, skin clinics are on a rise, many dissatisfied with their skin suffer from hesitation and mistrust.

Samsung’s Creative Labs have, hence, introduced a gizmo at CES 2017 for those “conscious yet reluctant.” The Samsung S Skin (kudos for the innovative nomenclature) is a handheld gadget capable of giving you full control by analyzing your skin by means of light sensors, cameras, and conductivity. Lights from the S-Skin are projected at your skin, the reflection of which is read by the inbuilt sensors. Simultaneously, the metal contacts can be used to verify the skin for moisture levels by measuring conductivity.

The app which collects and represents the data from Samsung’s skin gizmo presents stats for Hydration, redness, and melanin. On the basis of its judgment, it provides an appropriate light-based treatment program. For this gadget Samsung is awaiting validation and acclamation from the media and more importantly public before it can look at commercial aspects of the products. This, however, did not stop Samsung from proofing the concept from an efficient seller’s perspective.

When Samsung unveils this for sale, Samsung S Skin will come along with a pack of micro-needles patches which can be used to inject essential nutrients. These patches will be capable of changing colour, to depict that it has been applied successfully. The medicating face of these patches will be composed of chemicals similar to those existing in present in cosmetic products such as Collagen. Based on usage, the changes are likely to show on the skin in three-four days.

Samsung Lumini for analysing the skin using a camera

Another smart gizmo recently exhibited by Samsung was Lumini which clicks pictures to analyze dull patches such as pimples, wrinkles, enlarged pores on the skin, also tells you the age when you can, by Samsung’s beauty standards, begin to look old. It suggests cosmetic products or arranges remote consultations with dermatologists to prevent the outbreak of a skin catastrophe.

Samsung has once again tapped into an unexplored but potential business. After pinching the pet peeve of various customers, men and women alike, Samsung is likely to create a hype with its electronic fountain of youth. We are yet to confirm if these products perform as well as they have been marketed, and Samsung will be asking techies at CES 2017 for their opinions on the S-Skin and Lumini.

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