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Almost half of all employees who use computers at work typically do not
switch them off at the end of the working day. NightWatchman is a PC power
management solution, from 1E which recently forayed in the Indian market, for
large enterprises. The technology enables significant cost savings by applying
effective PC power management that won’t slow your business down.
NightWatchman automatically and remotely schedules the power down of computers
within an organization. It works as an intelligent agent and schedules machines
to wake themselves up or power down and save documents automatically that
organizations are able to effectively save money within their IR infrastructure.

NightWatchman gives you centralized control of PC power throughout the day. You
can let your PCs wake up at the start of the working day, put them into a low
power state at the end of the day and activate for a maintenance window

The server monitors PC ‘health’ trends and enables automated problem
resolution. It also gives you complete visibility of entire PC network with
reports on power consumption. Also, the solution is configurable for any type of
network including situations where subnet-directed broadcasts are disabled.

1E WakeUp delivers Availability Management to give you control and visibility
of your entire PC estate. Availability Management empowers your organization
with Wake-On-LAN functionality to update PCs when required, rapidly and with
100% distribution success.

Web WakeUp allows remote users to power on and gain access to their office
PCs. In large and complex networks the task of updating software presents a
challenge, with patch management alone comprising a substantial amount of total
IT costs. Typically network security configurations block wake up messages. 1E
WakeUp uses an intelligent agent to avoid these issues and report on deployment
success or failure.

1E WakeUp speeds up the deployment workflow without impacting server
performance. This is especially powerful for mandatory installations, as you can
be sure all machines will receive software at the desired time. Without 1E
WakeUp the actual time of installation will be dependent on individual client
refresh cycles. Machines that are switched off will be powered up and receive
software, while machines already on will refresh their policy and receive the
same software at the same time.

Isha Gakhar

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