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How to Protect Your Smartphone from Damages

Smartphone is one of the most important essentials of our life. We can live without a life partner but we can’t live without it. What if when we see our Smartphone spread over the floor after an accidental drop? Or your devise is trapped under an unwanted virus or cyber attack?

Your phone is constantly at risk of accidental drops, water damage, cyber attack, viruses and various forms of structural damage.

Fortunately, I have brought some tips you can do significantly improve the safety and lifespan of your smartphone from External and Internal damages.

To avoid external Damages

Strong case- A life Life Guard

The first essential thing I would suggest to protect your Smartphone with external damages is a good quality case. A case is like a shell that protects Smartphone from the impacts of falling on hard surfaces. For best protection against major impacts, it is recommended to use heavy duty or hard rubberized cases.

Also, avoid the low quality cases which often made by the low quality of material. That won’t help your phone from any accidental fall.

Screen protector

There are many different types of screen protectors. Each type of screen protector provides specific advantages. Regular screen protectors are more affordable, privacy screen protectors prevent individuals around you from seeing sensitive information on the screen, and heavy duty or military grade screen protectors are made out of thicker filaments to provide enhanced protection.

If you want to provide the best protection for your phone, consider safeguarding your screen with a military grade screen protector.

Don’t touch your phone with Wet Hands

Someone important might call while you are just finished washing your hands. While answering the phone call, you might be touching it while your hands are still wet. Touching your phone while your hands are wet may cause water to enter the internal hardware which may cause serious damage.

Carry cases- A good option for Parents 

Belt clips and pouches are the good options for our grandparents and mom dad. Before buying, make sure the product you buy is designed for your device. But, what if you do not get a belt clip or a pouch? If that is the case, you can use your pockets.

Place your phone in a pocket that is free of other objects – especially metallic and sharp objects. Such things can scratch your phone. When placing your phone in your pocket, make sure that the screen or front side is facing your thigh.

To Avoid Internal Damages

App Download from trusted sources

Before downloading an app, conduct research to make sure the app you are downloading is trusted and original. Many apps from un-trusted sources contain malware that once installed – can steal information, install viruses, and cause harm to your phone’s contents.

Antivirus- Worries free option

Antivirus can help you avoid many of the potential dangers associated with smartphones like malware, spam and firewall protection software can help you control your phone.  There are so many good antivirus options available in the market which can protect your Smartphone, important data, photos and content from cyber attacks.

Check your phone bill regularly

Always keep your eyes on your phone bills and unusual behaviors on your phone, which could be a sign that it is infected. These behaviors may include unusual text messages, suspicious charges to the phone bill, or suddenly decreased battery life.

Wipe data on your old phone

To protect your privacy, completely erase data off of your phone and reset the phone to its initial factory settings.


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