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The State Bank Group was facing many issues and challenges, which were required to be resolved. The Banks’ rules/ service conditions were being interpreted differently by different Sanctioning Authority and there was no uniformity in implementation of HR policies of the Bank in over 21000 branches/ offices across the country. A huge expenditure was being incurred on stationery and other infrastructure required for processing of salary of 2,90,000 employees and other staff related payments. More than 75% employees of the Bank are users in Core Banking Solution (CBS) in various capacities having different roles and rights as per their positions. The creation/deletion/activation/de-activation of users in CBS prior to HRMS was solely manually done by CBS on the basis of requests/information received from the offices. This was a major fraud prone area and was exposing employees and the Bank to avoidable risk. Since on an average 6000-6500 employees posted all across the country, retire every year from the Bank, manual deactivation, periodically was not meeting the requirements of the Bank.

The Implementation

The project was started to provide improved services to the staff members, who were the internal customers for this project. With the salary disbursal and other allowances of 2,90,000 employees being a major issue, SBI decided to implement a centralized HRMS system in place. This would not only help eliminate the huge expenditure incurred on stationery and other infrastructure, but also benefit the employees greatly by giving them instant online access to their HR related data. Though initially started with payment of salary, later on several services like reimbursement of recurring expenses, entertainment expenses, allotment of Provident Fund (PF) Number, annual appraisal reporting, performance appraisal, furniture maintenance, leave & attendance, tour approval, online guest house booking, etc. were released for all employees and all branch offices across the country. Their future plan is to provide more and more services related to HR area, some of which are automation of gratuity and request for pension through HRMS Portal, scholarship payment, various incentives, honorarium on passing of certain exams, reward for staff suggestions, etc.

Company Scenario

Before deployment: Earlier the Banks’ rules/service conditions were being interpreted differently by different sanctioning authorities and there was no uniformity in implementation of HR policies of the Bank in over 21000 branch offices across the country. Plus, in each branch a good number of employees were involved in the calculation and payment of salary who would otherwise be used for productive purpose if a centralised processing system was put in place.

What was deployed: Centralized HR based dashboard project called HRMS. The Project has automated important HR processes related to the largest workforce (2,90,000) of Indian Banking industry right from recruitment to retirement.

After deployment: The introduction of payment to staff due to integration with CBS (Core Banking Solution) like salary payment, re-imbursement of petrol charges, newspaper charges, casual labour charges, cleansing charges, entertainment expenses, furniture maintenance charges etc. has facilitated accurate, timely and fixed/same day payment

Implementation partner: Wipro


Challenges faced[image_library_tag 882/81882, style=”float: right;” alt=”fgdhfg” width=”179″ height=”142″ ,default]

At the time of automation, some of the branches/offices were not connected with the bank’s leased line connection and were working on V-Sat, so the connectivity with these branches was not good. The implementation of the project was a tough task in these branches.

The result

Man hours saved on account of implementation of project are now being utilized for other areas like marketing, recovery of loans, etc. The initiative has also contributed to the profit and productivity of the Bank. It has also reduced paperwork, usage of telephone/ fax, again leading to man hours & cost savings.

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