Schneider Electric's Services Bureau in Bangalore to Offer Remote Management of Data Centers

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Schneider Electric added to its operations in India with the launch of the Services Bureau in Bangalore, that is offering customers in India and the APAC region, the complete operations and management, onsite and remote, of the physical assets of critical environments (including data centers). The target industry segments include Retail banking (ATM infrastructure management), Healthcare (hospitals), high-end Manufacturing & Process Automation units (that have high productivity targets), Telecom (for high network efficiency) and above all Data Centers. The idea is to enable customers to get that extra 10% efficiency from their IT infrastructure, above all the various hardware and software techniques they have already deployed to manage those.


What is the Services Bureau's USP?

It brings together the three key elements necessary to run critical environments and data centers: technical expertise, data science and technology. Let's understand all three in more detail:

1. Technology expertise: With its vast experience in supplying and managing IT infrastructure for data centers, Schneider Electric does have a specialist team comprising data center experts, Business analysts and customer infrastructure operators who provide round-the-clock monitoring and management services.

2. Data Science: With huge amount of data coming through from the IT infrastructure sitting inside data centers, it is humanly impossible to analyse it. So, analytics is the next step to provide value to customers for the short or longer term, giving a better understanding of what is happening, what will happen and what could happen at best. Customers can take informed decisions in advance to prevent a catastrophe from developing, or at least reduce their operational costs by replacing faulty equipment.


3. Technology: The tools used in the Services Bureau are web-based asset management tools for different technologies on remote platforms, be it wired or wireless. They offer customers insights into their IT operations by combining deep analytics and analysis. The best part is that the technology used is vendor or platform agnostic and could be deployed after a proof-of-concept study of the customer's IT infrastructure.

Flexible service options

With the Services Bureau in place, the company has also launched its bouquet of Asset Connect Services, that'll provide round-the-clock monitoring, diagnosis, analytics, predictions and resolution of critical situations before they occur, depending on the level of service you choose. The four key components of Asset Connect are:

1. Asset Monitor: A real time, remote monitoring and condition management solution.

2. Asset Predict: Uses Data Science to predict failures, recommend corrective actions and manage the resolution of incidents to closure.

3. Asset Commit: It benchmarks and baselines your current environment, uses Data Science to make recommendations, and implements Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) to ensure optimal performance of the asset through its lifecycle.

4. Asset Operate: The most comprehensive service offering, it provides 24X7 onsite operation of the critical environment, maximising optimal performance of all key performance indicators, levaraging experienced technology and operational personnel, methodologies and processes, and technology to minimise the risk of downtime, and reduce OPEX.

Commenting on the announcement, Philippe Arsonneau, Sr VP-APJ, Schneider Electric, IT Business Unit said, "Critical environments, including data centers are becoming increasingly complex to manage and operate, as the business risks associated with failure of such critical infrastructure equipment is too significant to disregard. Schneider Electric is best-positioned to respond to this challenge given our strong experience in critical environments, our heritage in using the latest technology to achieve optimal performance and our continued investment, organically and inorganically, as we evolve to a more Service oriented company.