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If there was ever a need to give your desktop security a
boost, it is now. Take, for example, the e-mail worms. Despite all sorts of
network protection, they still manage to get inside and do their deeds.
Navidad.exe, Kak.hta, LoveLetter… the list is endless. When the desktops
themselves are not secure, then the security of their communication channels
also becomes questionable. How do you know that your e-mail is not being
captured and read elsewhere? It may be fine if your mail is any regular mail,
but what if it contains the details of a critical project, or your financial
data? Web browser security, too, has been an issue for sometime. There’s a
plethora of Websites that can run malicious script on your machine the moment
you click on a link. Then, of course, the safety of desktop hardware itself is
becoming an issue. A computer is made up of so many small parts that anyone can
easily put one in the pocket and walk off. Notebooks are even easier to swipe as
they’re light and easy to carry. In the pages that follow we analyze most of
these issues and talk about how you can secure your desktop and communication.

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