Send SMS from Outlook 2003

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It's not only cellphones that reign the SMS world. You can now do so using MS Outlook.You will need MS Office 2003 SP1 and MOSA (MS Outlook SMS Add-in). We have given them on this month's CD and you can even download them from  After that you will need to connect your cellphone to the PC using any of the connectivity options such as infrared, Bluetooth or a cable. 

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Outlook 2003 users
USP: Use Outlook to send and receive SMS messages

We used infrared. After the phone has been connected, it is required that you install, on the PC, the modem drivers of your phone. If your phone shows up under modems, with no yellow mark in the device manager, then the drivers are installed properly. Now install the Office SP1 and


Go to MS Outlook SMS Add-in toolbar, click on Options and select your mobile telephone, to be used for sending SMSs

Open Outlook Contacts and add the mobile phone numbers of your contacts in their contact information

To send an SMS, click on 'New SMS Message' from step 2, and either enter numbers directly or from Outlook Contacts and click on OK  Sent SMSs are saved in a 'Sent Items>SMS' folder. This will help you keep track of all your SMSs