Seoul Viosys Launches the Mosquito trap and Portable Air Purifier in India

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Seoul Viosys, which developed and produced ultraviolet LED, launched mosquito trap and portable air purifiers through local partners in India.

Seoul Viosys is looking for a strategic partner to sell these products in order to distribute a variety of ultraviolet LED applications with functions of sterilization, water purification and cleanliness in the US, China, Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia as well as in India.

The ultraviolet LED application products to be launched by Seoul Viosys in India on this time are mosquito traps and air purifiers.

The mosquito trap developed by drawing attention to the attraction of mosquitoes to ultraviolet ray. Mosclean can capture 9-times more yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) that carry the Zika virus, and 5-times more Anopheline mosquitoes that carry Malaria than mosquito traps that meet the standard set by the USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

India has a best condition for mosquitoes to live because the weather is hot and humid. In particular, the damage caused by Anopheline mosquitoes, which carry malaria, is serious.

On the other hand, Seoul Viosys’ portable air purifier is a product that purifies the air with ultra-small ultraviolet LED.

Seoul Viosys is going to cooperate with local partners who has excellent competence to sell and distribute channel of ultraviolet LED application products locally, thereby spreads the supply of ultraviolet LEDs in India.



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