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If you have a small network and want to share an Internetconnection on all machines, then Win 98 Second Edition (SE) has an option calledInternet Connection Sharing (ICS) for you. This lets you share your Internetconnection amongst multiple machines. It’s easy to configure and works prettywell. The Win 98 SE machine will act as your Internet gateway to other machines.

Connect your modem to the win 98 machine and set up yourInternet connection. Make sure you have TCP/IP installed on all machines. Forthis, go to Control Panel>Network>Add>Proto- cols>Microsoft andchoose TCP/IP. You’ll be prompted to enter your Win 98 CD. It’ll ask you torestart the machine after installing the protocol.

Setting up ICS

Go to Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs. Click on theWindows Setup tab and double click on Internet tools. Here, click on InternetConnection Sharing.

The Internet Connection Sharing Wizard starts up and helpsyou set up the computer as the Internet gateway.

Next, you have to specify the type of Net connect. ChooseDial-up access if that’s what you’re using, and click Next.

The wizard will make a client diskette, which you can use toconfigure other machines on your network. This floppy contains an executablefile, which runs the Internet Connection Wizard on other machines. It also has ahelp file in case you get stuck. You can also use the Internet Connection wizardfrom IE (version 5 and above) if you don’t want to use the floppy.

Once this is done click on Finish and your gateway is readyfor action.

Configuring clients

Go to Control Panel>Network>TCP/IP and click onProperties. Make sure that the IP address tab is set to “Obtain an IPaddress automatically”. Next, click the WINS Configuration tab, and selectthe check box next to “Use DHCP for WINS Resolution”. Leave the othersettings to default. Click the Gateway tab and remove any gateways, if listed.In the DNS Configuration tab, click the “disable DNS” option. Now,restart your PC for these changes to take effect.

Next, fire up your Web browser, and run the InternetConnection Wizard either from the floppy or go to Tools>Internet Options andclick on the Connection tab. Click on the Setup button to start the wizard.

The wizard will ask you how you’re connected to the Web.Choose “I connect through a local area network”.

It’ll then ask you for your proxy settings. Choose”Automatically discover proxy settings” and click Next. You’ll thenbe asked whether to set up your mail and news accounts. You can either makethese settings now or later. Click on Finish.

That’s it. You’re all set to share your Internet connect.

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