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This 16” TFT LCD monitor from Sharp weighs only 5.4 kg. It has a special anti-glare coating to avoid eye-strain. This coating makes the TFT appear black in color when turned off. It also supports digital input besides the analog one. For this, you need a display card with a digital output. It comes with automatic picture adjustment. Normally, a monitor’s picture changes size when the refresh rate is changed. This monitor, however, automatically adjusts the screen size whenever you change the refresh rate.

Its automatic picture adjustment adjusts the screen size whenever you change the refresh rate

Price: Rs 62,000 with one-year warranty
Meant for: Demo rooms; people spending long hours on a PC
Features: Anti-glare coating, 16” TFT LCD screen, USB hub with three ports, analog and digital input, automatic screen adjustment
Pros: Good picture quality, wide viewing angle
Cons: None 
Contact: Sharp Business Systems. Tel: 011-6431313/8866 Fax: 638748. 214-221, Ansal Tower, 38 Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019.

We tested the monitor on a SIS 350 2x AGP display card with 32 MB VRAM. It gave the best results at its maximum resolution of 1,280×1,024 with 85 refresh rate and 32-bit color depth. The monitor has a wide viewing angle and the display was clear even from the sides and top. It also has a flexible screen that can be adjusted according to your sitting position.

Other interesting features include a built-in USB hub having two ports for connecting USB devices like mouse or keyboard, and an uplink port to connect to your PC. The LCD monitor can also be mounted on the wall. It has all the regular controls neatly arranged on its front panel, which are easy to use and quick to learn. The monitor ships with a user manual, utility floppy for automatic screen adjustment, a power adapter, and a USB cable for connecting the USB hub to a PC.

Considering the monitor’s high price, it may be out of reach of common people. However, it’s a good choice in special areas such as game shows, a company’s demo room, display units in demo shows, or at the CEO’s desk. It’s also useful for people spending long working hours on a PC (such as stock exchanges), due to its low radiation anti-glare features.

Sanjay Majumder at PCQ Labs

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