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Aser Aspire 3810T
This notebook is part of the new Acer Timeline series that have been
designed to give battery backup of more than 8 hrs. In fact 3810T was able to
give a battery backup of almost 10 hrs which is high by any standard. Credit for
such a long battery backup time should be given to two major design changes in
this notebook: First is the LED backlit screen that adds to brightness and at
the same time reduces power consumption. This screen also gives a viewing angle
of almost 180 degrees. The second is that the processor, 3810T is powered with,
Intel’s Core 2 Solo SU3500, is an ultra low voltage processor. This notebook
comes with an ultra thin shape with thickness of less than 1 inch and a weight
of 2 Kg, making it ideal for professionals on field. Other features that will
catch your eye in this notebook include sleek aluminum cover, tactile keyboard
and touchpad, with a keypress lock that can be handy while you are typing. This
notebook performs at par with the others in this category. In fact it turned out
to be the best performing laptop despite the fact that it has a Core 2 Solo
processor. And when we add up ponts for performance, price and features this one
came out to be the best. Only thing this device misses out on is the absence of
an optical drive. When compared to other notebooks this is the only one without
an optical drive. It is best for people who need performance of a notebook at
the price of a netbook.

Below Rs 40k

Quick Specs
Specs: Intel Core2Solo SU3500 @
1.4GHZ, 2 Kg, 2GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, 13.3“ HD LED-backlit screen
Price: Rs 35109
Contact: Acer India, Bangalore
Tel: 40708700 Email:
SMS Buy 130911 to 56677

Asus F82Q
F82Q sports very plain but bulky look with a glossy finish lid. This, though
makes it look professional but at the same time attracts lot of dirt and
fingerprints. With a weight slightly
less than 3 Kg, limits its usage for people who are always on the move.

While working on it, the 14 inch HD screen was bright and watching a 1080p
movie was a pleasure. Keyboard rebounds in F82Q feels counterproductive making
the good key placement null.
The touchpad lags and the keys feel imprecise which makes the input devices seem
sub par. On the performance front, it works very well for office productivity
applications but is not suited for 3D applications or games, as there is no
inbuilt graphics card.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL DUAL-CORE T4200 @
2.00GHZ, 2.84 Kg, 3GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, 14 HD Display
Price: Rs 36,990
Contact: ASUS Technology, Mumbai
Tel: 67668800
SMS Buy 130985 to 56677

The most interesting thing is inclusion of SRS Altec Lansing speakers and
their placement in the front end of the laptop. Even when kept on a lap, the
sound never felt muffled. Other worth noticing features in this notebook include
1 HDMI port and 3 USB ports.

Overall, a good laptop with average battery backup that can not only perform
but also can make occasional movie watching or music listening a pleasure.

HP Pavilion DV2 1003ax
Besides its smart and compact looks, the other thing that makes this
notebook different from others is an AMD processor. DV2 1003ax comes with Athlon
Neo Processor MV-40 @ 1.60GHz.

Though pitched as an entertainment notebook, this one with its features,
price, and weight of around 2 Kg make it a good choice for official use.

Another added feature is good battery backup of around 3 hrs, thanks to the
screen size of 12.1 inches which is bakclit by LEDs unlike the traditional CCFL displays
which are still predominant in notebooks.

Keypad and touchpad of DV2 are quite a pleasure to work with and like Acer
Aspire 3901T, this one also comes with touchpad lock.

Quick Specs
Specs: AMD Athlon Neo Processor
MV-40 @ 1.60GHZ, 2.14 Kg, 2GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 3410,
Price: Rs 37,990
Contact: HP India
SMS Buy 130911 to 56677

Other noticeable features of this notebook, other than its sleek design
include ATI MOBILITY RADEON HD 3410 graphics and an external optical drive.

Though feature rich, this one when pitched against all the Intel powered
notebooks fails to impress and its overall performance was the lowest in its
category. Overall, a good notebook for frequent travelers due to its lightweight
and slim form factor. We did miss having a built-in DVD writer though.

Lenovo ThinkPad SL500
The SL series of notebooks from Lenovo are meant for small businesses. The
one we received, SL500, comes packed with a lot of features, is low priced, but
comes in a bulky design. With a weight of around 3 Kg, this is not for frequent
travelers. To keep the price of this machine low, both RAM and HDD capacity have
been scaled down.

These are on the lower side when compared to all other notebooks we received
in this shootout. SL500, like other ThinkPads, comes with an Active Protection
System, and Rescue and Recover button. While the former helps protect the hard
drive with the help of rubber isolators and the rubber cage, it is a single
button recovery feature.

Quick Specs
Specs: Intel C2D T5670 @
1.80GHz, 3.2 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 15.4 WXGA TFT LCD
Price: Rs 36,499
Tel: 18004253353
SMS Buy 130911 to 56677

The Active Protection system uses accelerometer to monitor movement of the
system and stop the drive and help protect against damage in the event of fall
or jerks.

The key pad and touch pad were typical ‘ThinkPad’ and very comfortable to
work with. Moving to performance, this one disappointed us probably due to
lesser RAM.

This machine with a 15 inch display can be a good option for regular office
use and if you want better specs, go for SL300 or SL400, the other members from
the SL series.

Another MSI laptop from the Professional (PR) series, the PR420 is a step up
from the PR201. Strangely, the build quality is still disappointing with the
sides generating a creaking sound when little pressure is applied.

The laptop includes the same ports as those in PR201 with the addition of an
eSATA port. This makes it easy for users to connect a SATA drive externally
without the need for an hard disk casing.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL C2D P8600 @
2.40GHZ, 2.6 Kg, 2GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, 14.1 WXGA+ TFT LCD
Price: Rs 39,000
Contact: M.S.I, Delhi
Tel: 41758808
SMS Buy 130921 to 56677

But strangely it has one USB port lesser than the other as well as has a low
1.3MP webcam. The screen size is a good 14 inches, but the keyboard layout seems
a little cramped.
We felt that the keyboard layout could have been slightly better with a num pad,
and programmable keys on the top instead of on the side as they currently are.

This laptop also came with the lowest HDD capacity of 120 GB. While the
laptop scored average on features, it was the second best performer, with the
best one being the winner, Acer
Aspire 3810T. It scored well in 3DMark and PCMark. Battery backup was average at
around three hours.

The battery life is average with some 15 inch laptops performing better than

Sony Vaio VGN-NW13GH
As expected from Sony laptops, this one also comes with superior build
quality. VGN-NW13GH has an excellent matte finish with an earthy brown color
making it very appealing. The 15.5 inch screen is vibrant although a tad too
bright but it works well. The keyboard however suffers from having too much gap
between the keys which makes typing a bit tedious even with the key placement
being quite optimal. The touchpad has a good feel with tactile keys. Above the
keyboard, there are 3 quick keys for a web browser, toggling sound and display
which work without any delay but the Vaio could have benefited from more quick
keys . It has a respectable number of ports with FireWire (400) but an eSATA
port is noticeably missing. This performs very well in everyday work and
productivity but suffers in 3D applications because of the strange choice of a
Dual-Core processor and absent dedicated graphics probably done to keep price

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL DUAL-CORE T4200 @
2.00GHZ, 2.96 Kg, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 15.5 WXGA TFT (Clear Bright LCD Lite)
Price: Rs 37,990
Contact: Sony India
SMS Buy 130987 to 56677

However, it has among the best viewing experiences out of all laptops.
Watching HD or listening to music on it was enjoyable thanks to the wide screen
and powerful speakers. The inclusion of Vista Basic is a big negative as most
laptops now-a-days come with a minimum of Vista Home Premium. Changing the
processor and adding a dedicated graphics card will surely elevate NW13GH to a
higher level along with a few changes to keyboard as well.

Zenith Admirale
This one looks strikingly similar to other Zenith notebooks we received in
this comparative review, but for Director you have to pay Rs 1500 more. This one
also comes with glossy finish attracting lot of finger expressions. This
notebook being most economical make it a perfect choice for professionals who
want notebook instead of netbook at low price.

While compared with Director, difference came out to be in screen size and
presence of graphics card. Admirale comes without any graphics card and comes
with a screen size of 14.1 inch. Though priced low, this one comes with all the
necessary features required by any kind of user.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL DUAL-CORE T3200 @
2.00GHZ, 3 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 14.1 WXGA+ TFT
Price: Rs 24,500
Contact: Zenith Computers, Mumbai
Tel: 28377300
SMS Buy 130988 to 56677

This includes integrated webcam, comfortable keys, and all important I/O
ports. In fact, Admirale came with eSATA port which was missing in lot of other
notebooks. Moving from looks to performance, this one is not a high performing
device but when we add up price, performance, and features, this notebook is
comparable to other notebooks in its category.

All in all, this notebook could be a good deal when compared to netbooks on
performance front, but portability would be an issue.

Zenith Director Plus-C
Right out of the box, the Zenith Director is a fingerprint magnet having a
plastic glossy finish yet solid build quality, although the black color makes
fingerprints even more apparent. While screen is serviceable, the keyboard
placing leaves a lot to be desired and the touchpad feels resistive along with
the keys being very hard.

The Director has one of the strangest configurations available. While it
includes a very capable Geforce 9600GS, the rest of the machine is highly
underpowered with the processor being Dual-Core and having only 1GB RAM. There
is an impressive number of ports available including a port replicator as well
as an express slot located just above the card slot. Interestingly, it has the
highest graphic capability being second only to the MacBook 15 Pro and its
overall performance was also very good.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL DUAL-CORE T3200 @
2.00GHZ, 3 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, NVIDIA GEFORCE 9600M GS, 15.4 WXGA TFT
Price: Rs 39500
Contact: Zenith Computers, Mumbai
SMS Buy 13090 to 56677

The power consumption during load was the highest owing to the powerful
graphics card.

On the other hand, its battery life was lowest out of all the laptops we
reviewed at 1hr 23 minutes.

It would have been great if, along with a good graphics card it had a good
processor and enough RAM.

40k to 50k : MSI EX460
Among the eight different series of notebooks, this MSI notebook falls under
entertainment series. Being built to support your entertainment needs, this one
comes with ATI RADEON HD4330 graphics, 14 inch HD screen, and integrated 1.3
megapixel camera. This one is the third MSI notebook in this category with price
exactly same as that of VR602. Though both VR602 and EX460 are priced exactly
the same, this one comes with 2 GB RAM and 320 GB HDD space, both the values are
double than VR602. Although pitched in entertainment series with compact looks,
this machine looks quite professional, both keypad and touchpad are comfortable
to work with. One feature that stands out in this notebook is screen lock that
was missing in most other notebooks. EX460 is winner in its category and scores
more than other three in performance and price thanks to high performing
graphics card and comparatively low price. One question that crossed our mind
while comparing VR602 with EX460 is that, though priced equally there is huge
performance difference plus EX460 is more compact making it better than VR602.
All in all, this machine can not only entertain you it can also handle your work
load without any difficulty though battery backup of around 2 hrs is a bit


Quick Specs
Specs: Intel C2D T6500 @
2.10GHZ, 2.52 Kg, 2GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, ATI RADEON HD4330, 14 HD LED
Price: Rs 41,000
Contact: MSI, Delhi
Tel: 41758808
SMS Buy 130986 to 56677

The PR series of laptops from MSI are mainstream business laptops and they
stick to the basics and do not concentrate on multimedia. The PR201 features a
glossy finish and both the sides contain most of the basic ports, though
FireWire and eSATA are not present. For security, a fingerprint scanner is
present. The 12 inch WXGA serves well for business purposes along with the
full-size keyboard. It does not have a num pad which is acceptable given its
size. There are 2 quick access buttons which can be configured along with a
third for wireless/bluetooth. The touchpad is placed in a good position
providing ample wrist space for typing. While it feels smooth and responsive,
the keys are a bit small and the fingerprint scanner was accidentally activated
while typing.

The 2MP webcam and the noise cancelling speakers are praise-worthy and give
good performance. As expected, it performed well in handling productivity
applications. However, it took a beating in the 3D tests which was expected
since this laptop is solely geared for the business category. The speakers are
not loud enough so external headphones are recommended. Being a pure business
laptop, it is winning primarily due to its great battery backup and its light

Quick Specs
Specs: Intel C2D P8400 @
2.26GHZ, 2.25 Kg, 2GB RAM, 250 GB HDD, 12 WXGA LED backlit display
Price: Rs 45,000
Contact: M.S.I, Delhi
Tel: 41758808
SMS Buy 130922 to 56677

Acer Gateway ID58
The midnight blue colored ID58 has been designed with help from an Italian
car design firm which shows up remarkably well. This is backed by an equally
impressive build quality that made it shine distinctly in our shootout. The 16:9
display along with the curved speaker grill give it an aesthetically appealing
look which rivals that of MacBooks. It also has a slot loading DVD player but
with a better eject key. The keyboard felt like a desktop keyboard with a
separate numeric pad, making typing a lot more comfortable. The capacitive touch
keys on the keyboard are feather touch and very responsive while the touchpad
itself is quite responsive. You might occasionally need a mouse as the keys on
the touchpad seem a bit hard to press. It was the only laptop with a webcam
shutter. The ID58 performs very well in the PCMark doing basic productivity
tasks with ease. However, it gave an average performance in 3DMark because of
the weak GeForce G105M . Sound quality is very clear and loud enough and the
16:9 display makes it perfect for viewing movies. The backup software was fast
and accurate although there was little difference in battery backup with the
‘Powersave’ solution provided. The battery life was normal at 2 hours and 36
mins but the laptop was quite heavy at 3 Kg. Overall, an almost perfect laptop
for those who need a powerful laptop for light 3D applications.

Quick Specs
Specs: Intel Core2Duo T6400 @
2.00GHZ, 3 Kg, 4GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, NVIDIA GEFORCE G105M CUDA, 15.6” HD
Price: Rs 49,999
Contact: Acer India, Bangalore
Tel: 40708700
SMS Buy 130913 to 56677

The value series from VR602 is designed for users who require basic
functionality. The matte finish gives it a no nonsense look which is refreshing
since most laptops nowadays are glossy. The screen is serviceable and MSI has
included a full-size keyboard. At the same time it feels strange with many keys
having odd sizes, although the keypad is comfortable to use. The touchpad is
smooth and the keys have the right feel.

One more feature of this notebook is screen lock which is missing from most
other notebooks we received. There are 4 USB ports available though there is no
HDMI port which could have been handy. The configuration is very baffling
especially since it has just 1GB RAM making it akin to netbooks plus hardware
used is quite outdated.

The old hardware ensured that it performed average in the 3D and productivity
tests. Battery life is again low when compared to other notebooks in this
category. It barely managed 1 ½ hours which is quite low.

Quick Specs
Specs: Intel Dual Core T6100 @
1.66GHZ, 2.9 Kg, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 15.4 TFT LCD
Price: Rs 41,000
Contact: M.S.I, Delhi
Tel: 41758808 Email:
SMS Buy 130912 to 56677

The power consumption is again high which raises a few questions and prevents
us from recommending it to professionals looking for high performing and energy
efficient notebooks.

50k to 75k : Apple MacBook 13
This MacBook is the only one with a white polycarbonate finish, as well as
the only Apple laptop in the category. It uses magnets instead of a physical
latch to close the lid and this works quite well. The build quality of the
MacBook is fine, though it can not compare to the solid feel of the aluminum
MacBook Pros. Lifting the lid reveals a light gray keyboard with flat keys
having round edges and offers a much firmer typing experience. The touchpad
includes a single raised mouse button that works fairly well but in Windows OS
right clicking is a minor irritation. However, the multi-touch interface
compliments the overall experience. The sound of speakers is quite clear,
considering they are located on the edges. The CCFL display is bright but the
glossy screen might result in more glare in some environments. Noticeably, there
is a DVI/VGA output that requires an adapter sold separately, Firewire 400 and a
slot loading DVD burner, in addition to the usual ports and connections.
Overall, the MacBook offers decent value for money. In this category, it won due
to its great performance and a very competitive price. However, it did not come
with a 2 year warranty which is there with the MSI GX620. So, if the MacBook Pro
is out of your budget but you still want to get a ‘MacBook’ then the standard
white MacBook is your best bet.


Quick Specs
Specs: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard,
INTEL C2D P7450 @ 2.13 GHz, 2.45 Kg, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, NVIDIA GEFORCE
9400M, 13.3 TFT LCD
Price: Rs 61,800
Contact: Apple India
Tel: 18004250744
SMS Buy 130931 to 56677

HCL Leaptop Z39
When you first see this ‘leaptop’ , you get feelings of bulkiness and style
thanks to the designer lid. It comes with a black glossy finish which means a
lot of finger print impressions on lid and palm rest. The keyboard and touch pad
of this machine are quite comfortable, with right sized keys placed optimally.
Z39 is packed with all necessary ports including an eSATA. In its category, Z39
wins on both price and features but loses out on overall performance. The few
features that make this notebook unique are a 500 GB HDD space and a staggering
8 GB RAM which is double than that offered by other high end machines. An ironic
point about this notebook is that the Z39 shipped for our shootout comes with
Windows Vista Business 32-bit that can utilize only 4 GB RAM instead of 8 GB.
Other feature worth mentioning about this leaptop is HCL’s EC2 (Embedded
Continuity and Control) technology that can recover your lost data in less than
60 seconds. Here, a component is embedded inside hardware that automatically
stores and replicates the image of a file system at regular intervals. Overall,
this machine is packed with features and is also competitively priced making it
a good choice for professionals.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL C2D T6400 @
2.00GHZ, 2.74 Kg, 8GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 14″ Wide Screen LCD
Price: Rs 59,990
Contact: HCL Infosystems Ltd
Tel: 4203122
SMS Buy 130914 to 56677

You should either get a discount on this by asking for lesser RAM (4GB) or
you should ask for an OS upgrade to 64-bit when buying.

The GX620 comes from the MSI Gaming series. Covered with a black aluminum
top cover and striking red sides, it immediately distinguishes itself from the
crowd. The laptop is on the heavier side and has above average build quality.
One of the few laptops to come with a matte screen, it works extremely well in
all environments. The most often used keys in games, the W,S,A and D keys have
been colored red, thus clearly highlighting them from others. The touchpad is
smooth and responsive with the keys having a natural feel. An interesting design
choice is the integration of 6 speakers surrounding a touch panel which includes
playback and mode switching while towards the right there are communication and
webcam hotkeys. The Eco button gives 5 modes for gaming, presentation, movie,
office and turbo battery (power saving). The Turbo button shall overclock the
processor but not the graphics card. The GX620 includes all ports including
eSATA and FireWire (mini). The laptop performed much better in 3D performance
rather than in productivity applications. However, it is still an all rounder
with the configuration and unique features setting it apart from other brands.
Battery life, being under 2 hours is decent given the heavy duty configuration.
Overall, the GX620 has well rounded features but loses out on ergonomics. This
machine can be considered if you are a gamer or a developer.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL C2D P7350 @
2.00GHZ, 3.27 Kg, 4GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, NVIDIA GEFORCE 9600M GT, 15.4 WSXGA+/WXGA
Price: Rs 73,500
Contact: MSI, Delhi
Tel: 41758808 Email:
SMS Buy 130915 to 56677

Above 90k : Apple MacBook Pro 15
The MacBook Pro 15 gets some minor component upgrades while retaining the
same aluminum chasis as before. Now that 13 and 15 inch models have the same
basic features and looks, including the integrated GeForce 9400 graphics, an SD
card slot and FireWire 800, the main points of differentiation are minor CPU
speed boosts, a bigger screen and the availability of a separate discrete GPU (GeForce
9600GT) that can be turned off if needed to improve battery life, being quite an
interesting addition. The graphic card switch can be done by selecting the high
performance or battery life option although the switch could have been more
seamless. The keyboard and trackpad is the same as the Pro 13 but the reflective
display makes us wish for the matte screen from the Pro 17. Apple has finally
included the SD card slot but at the cost of excluding the express card reader
now limited to the Pro 17. It has the maximum weight and the lowest battery life
among the MacBooks but battery life is comparable to other 15 inch laptops. The
solid configuration makes it the top performer in both 3D and PCMark so it is
great for basic as well as 3D intensive applications. The MacBook 15 is meant
for users wanting both style and performance but at a price at which there are
many more laptops available with the same or in some cases even better
configurations. However, the power and appeal of MacBook Pro can not be ignored.

Quick Specs
Specs: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard,
9400M, 15 TFT LCD
Price: Rs 1,04,900
Contact: Apple India
Tel: 18004250744 Email:
SMS Buy 130919 to 56677

Apple MacBook Pro 13
Apple has made a smart decision to produce the MacBook Pro by refining and
adding many required features in this 13 inch notebook category. The aluminum
finish feels good and when you first see this laptop, the LED will strike you in
your face with its brightness, with the black bezel serving to accentuate its
looks. The backlit keyboard is sure to please many and the trackpad featured
with this laptop is quite different from the ‘vanilla’ MacBook (other non-MacBook
Pro unit received for this shootout) as the entire surface is flat and the
bottom part produces satisfying clicks. The ports are the same as the vanilla
MacBook with the addition of an SD card reader and FireWire 800 which is sure to
please many. The MacBook Pro 13 shares the same GeForce 9400 integrated graphic
card solution as the vanilla MacBook making it a capable laptop for both work
and entertainment. It is adequate enough for users wanting to play games
occasionally at a lower resolution. It is significantly faster than the vanilla
MacBook although the price premium is debatable. The battery life is the best
amongst all MacBooks, topping 4 hours in BatteryMark as well as being the
lightest among them. One feature common to all Macs is the high power
consumption during idle, load and standby states, making them power guzzlers.
Overall, the Pro is at a very interesting position, giving users much needed

Quick Specs
Specs: Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard,
INTEL C2D P8700 @ 2.53GHZ, 2.25 Kg, 4GB RAM, 320 GB HDD NVIDIA GEFORCE
9400M, 13.3 TFT Backlit Display
Price: Rs 93,300
Contact: Apple India Tel:18004250744
SMS Buy 130916 to 56677

ASUS U6V Bamboo
The ASUS U6V Bamboo has the tag line ‘Inspired by Nature, Designed for
Style.’ The exterior bamboo finish gives an ethnic look as it has thin layer of
bamboo pasted on top. The feel is the same from inside as compared to other
laptops, the Bamboo touchpad being an exception. The keyboard works well and
placement is natural although these are not backlit as the MacBook Pro 13. While
the feel of the touchpad is nice, the keys are hard and uncomfortable requiring
considerable effort to press. The Bamboo has more than enough ports with the
addition of eSATA in a 12-inch form factor. Strangely enough the power
consumption is high considering that the hardware used (the GeForce 9300M) is
entry level. This makes the Bamboo adequate only for basic productivity
applications. The security applications work well and face recognition
accurately distinguishes faces but the biometric sensor requires a finger to be
pressed quite hard. Another useful feature for security is the TPM (Trusted
Platform Module) chip, which when combined with an encryption software such as
BitLocker, gives you high level of data security. But the OS shipped is Vista
Home Premium that doesn’t support BitLocker (Bitlocker only works with Vista
Ultimate or Business edition). And as you can not use the benefits of TPM out of
the box, you have to acquire either a third party encryption tool which supports
TPM or have to upgrade your OS.

Quick Specs
Specs: Intel Core2Duo P8400 @
2.26GHZ, 2.25 Kg, 4 GB RAM, 320 GB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS, 12 WXGA LED
Price: Rs 98,990
Contact: ASUS Technology, Mumbai
Tel: 67668800
SMS Buy 130918 to 56677

Below Rs 25k : Zenith Business Z-Book
With a designer glossy black lid Z-book has a distinguishing look. This
netbook comes with a price tag of Rs 16,500 which is the lowest among all the
netbooks we received. This low price is at par with lot of cell phones available
in market today. Despite being priced low, Z-book performs well thanks to the
typical INTEL ATOM CPU N270 @ 1.60GHZ processor. This combination of price and
performance plus expandability of RAM makes this netbook winner in its category.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL ATOM CPU N270 @
1.60GHZ, 1.5 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD (+10 Eee Online Storage), 10.2 WXGA+
Price: Rs 16,500
Contact: Zenith Computers, Mumbai
Tel: 28377300 Email:
SMS Buy 130989 to 56677

Keys of this netbook are smaller in size which makes typing bit difficult but
touch pad is quite good to work with. As connectivity options, this netbook
comes with integrated 10/100 LAN and 802.11g wireless card which is a bit
disappointing though support for Bluetooth version 2.1 is a relief.

Other feature present in Z-book which is not typical is 10.2 inch screen
instead of 10.1 inch present in most of other netbooks. When plugged in this
netbook consumes least power but at the same time this Z-book showed
disappointing battery backup results limiting its usage while on move. If money
is the biggest constraint, then this economical netbook can be best choice
amongst, but one has to manage with very low battery backup.

Acer Aspire One D250
The new Aspire D250 improves over the D150 by cutting down on weight and
being thinner. The finish is glossy. The screen hinge combined with the glossy
10.1-inch screen surrounded by shiny black plastic makes the netbook look good
but a tad casual.This 10.1 inch screen is LED lit making display pleasure to
work with even in bright light.

The view is sharp while the text and icons are crisp. The keyboard is a bit
cramped even with some keys being full size. The touchpad might be tiny and
inset but the rocker button is very responsive.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL ATOM CPU N270 @
1.60 GHz, 1.55 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 10.1 WSVGA TFT LED
Price: Rs 21,943
Contact: Acer India
Tel:080 40708700
SMS Buy 130981 to 56677

The speakers are weak, so headphone is a must though it is true for most
netbooks. The usual array of ports is available but there is 802.11n and the
Webcam is only 0.3 MP. The Ethernet used in this netbook is not Gigabit which is
a bit disappointing.

HD or fullscreen media viewing however will be slow. The battery life was
second highest for normal usage but expect it to be lower during media playback.
The Aspire netbook features a good harmony of style and substance.

To know the most important feature of this netbook, you just have to flip it,
at the bottom one can see three expansion slots including one to expand RAM.

Asus Eee PC 1005HA
This Asus netbook comes in a seashell design and is a member of Eee PC
family. The unit we received in our shootout came with glossy black cover and
INTEL ATOM CPU N270 @ 1.60GHZ. Among the three netbooks of Eee PC series we
received, this one is the least expensive and performs at par with other. In
fact 1005HA scores highest features but misses out because of price and
performance in its category.

Moving towards feel and usage, 1005HA comes with nice keyboard with optimal
sized keys and effective multi gesture touch pad. For connectivity, this one is
packed with Gigabit Ethernet card along with 802.11n based wireless connectivity
standard, plus Bluetooth version 2.1 for local data transfer. At a weight of
just 1.35 Kg, this one is second to 1008HA when compared with the other netbooks.
Expandability of RAM is possible with model which is a great relief from box
like body of Intex. Battery backup of 1005HA was surprisingly low in our tests.
Other noticeable feature in this netbook is LED lit screen which looks bright
and is pleasure to work with.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL ATOM CPU N270 @
1.60GHZ, 1.35 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD(+10 Eee Online Storage), 10.1 WSVGA
Price: Rs 21,490
Contact: ASUS Technology, Mumbai
Tel: 67668800
SMS Buy 130982 to 56677

All in all, if you are looking for good performing and economical Eee PC go
for this one but you have to compromise on battery backup.

Intex N101-WC1100
The newly launched netbook from Intex puts the wrong foot forward right from
the start. One can get these netbooks in two different lid colors black and
designer red, but for designer red the one we received one has to pay Rs. 500

Keeping design aside which is literally like a book, the poor build quality
is apparent as soon as the lid is opened with usage of low quality plastic. The
keyboard is not tactile.

The strange decision to leave empty space above the laptop makes the touchpad
experience suffer and placing the keys on the opposite sides instead of the
bottom restricts mouse movement.

The inclusion of 802.11b/g wireless and megabit Ethernet port makes the
connectivity of the netbook suffer.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL ATOM CPU N270 @
1.60GHZ, 1.59 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 10.1 WSVGA TFT LCD
Price: Rs 19,400
Contact: Intex Technologies (India)
SMS Buy 130941 to 56677

Also, when idle the netbook continued to heat up which means keeping it on
lap for long time is not advisable. It handled browsing and word processing
decently but multitasking
further increased the temperature.

The alarming power consumption rivals laptops and the battery backup is not
good for a netbook. Other factors that add to already poorly built and
performing netbook is no expandability of
RAM and absence of operating system.

Above 25k : Asus Eee PC 1101HA
First thing that will catch your eye when you see this netbook is its
slightly bigger size. This Eee PC comes with a LED lit 11.6 inches screen which
makes better display of text and image, far better than the usual 10.1 inch
screen present in most of the netbooks. But this adds few grams to its weight.
The netbook that we received is a glossy black seashell design which seems to be
typical of all Eee PCs.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL ATOM CPU Z520 @
1.33GHZ, 1.57 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD (+10 Eee Online Storage), 11.6 HD LED
Price: Rs 25,990
Contact: ASUS Technology, Mumbai
Tel: 67668800
SMS Buy 130984 to 56677

In its category, this Eee PC scored heavily on feature front making it a
winner over 1008HA. The netbook similar to other two netbooks from Asus comes
with multi gesture touch pad along with ergonomic keyboard making typing quite
comfortable. 1101HA is powered with INTEL ATOM CPU Z520 @ 1.33GHz and not N280,
like in most of the netbooks. Despite having 11.6 inch, this netbook was able to
give a battery backup of around 9 hrs which is the highest among all notebooks
we received making it a brilliant choice for professionals who are on the move.
1101HA comes with Gigabit Ethernet card, 802.11n compatible wireless card along
with Bluetooth version 2.1 for enhanced local data transfer rate. Although its
CPU performance was lowest, this netbook could be great chose given its screen
size, expandability options and battery backup.

ASUS Eee PC 1008HA
With a glossy white body this one stands out in its looks. Among all
netbooks we received for this comparative review, this one is of least weight at
1.25 Kg. Besides having good keypad and multi gesture touch pad, this notebook
stands out from others with lid covered ports giving it a neat look.

In fact two VGA port is shipped as dongle that is hidden beneath this netbook
which is a smart design choice. In its category, though this one scores higher
in performance than the other Eee PC, but misses out on features.

In our performance test, this one gave best results. Priced at around 27k,
this is the most expensive netbook we received.

Other noticeable feature in this notebook is its processor, 1008HA is powered
with INTEL ATOM CPU N280 @ 1.66GHZ instead of N270 as in most other netbooks.

For connectivity, this one comes with Gigabit Ethernet card, 802.11n
compatible wireless card and Bluetooth version 2.1.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL ATOM CPU N280 @
1.66GHZ, 125 Kg, 1GB RAM, 160 GB HDD (+10 Eee Online Storage), 10.1 WSVGA
Price: Rs 26,990
Contact: ASUS Technology, Mumbai
SMS Buy 130983 to 56677

One thing this netbook misses out is in expandability of RAM. Flipping around
this notebook did not show any RAM expansion slots.

With a battery backup of around 5 hrs, this netbook is sure to attract many,
by both performance and looks although priced quite high.

Special Tablets : Connoi CCTS NB60
Even thought of a tablet with a price tag of Rs 25k was difficult last year,
but now we have an Atom-based tablet with performance that is at par with
netbooks we received in this shootout. Connoi’s CCTS NB60 is being promoted as a
Convertible Classmate PC and this name guides the juvenile looks of this device,
that might not go well with everyone. The unit we received looked more like a
portable DVD player with blue and white color and a carry handle. Classmate PC
is packed with touch-screen capability and using it was easy. However, the keys
are small in size when compared to other netbooks, making typing on it a bit
difficult. School kids might think otherwise given their tiny fingers! Other
features include a 180-degree rotating web cam, optimally placed speakers and
three indicators on cover indicating WiFi connectivity, battery life and On/Off
status. A point where Classmate PC has missed out is the HDD capacity, CCTS NB60
comes with 60 GB of disk drive which is clearly behind times. Another source of
discomfort is the screen size of 8.9 inches which is smaller than an average
screen size of 10 inches in other netbooks. When we checked the performance of
this unit it came out trumps and for the likely audience of school kids, it can
be considered optimal. At this price and performance, one can even use this
device as a netbook with touch-screen capability, making its usage even more

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL ATOM CPU N270 @
1.60GHZ, 1.6 Kg, 1GB RAM, 60 GB HDD, 8.9 LCD TFT LED Digital LVDS Interface
Price: Rs 24,500
Contact: Connoiseur Electronics, Mumbai
Tel: 41152203
SMS Buy 130920 to 56677

Panasonic ToughBook CF-19
Previously meant for use in extreme conditions, Panasonic has expanded its
range to cover a wider market. The Toughbook CF-19 “fully ruggedized” model can
withstand the toughest vibrations, spills, drops, extreme temperature and other
rough handling. All the ports are protected behind hinged plastic doors.

The clamp is multipurpose and can clamp the screen in both tablet or notebook
mode. The handy nylon carrying strap strangely feels a bit light. The 10.4-inch
screen on the CF-19 may be small by current notebook standards but is typical
for rugged toughbooks. The screen supports XGA resolution which makes picture
look quite sharp but the text appears a bit small. The display works well in
sunlight although there is noticeable loss in quality when used in tablet mode.
The touchscreen worked well with both stylus and finger. However, the onscreen
keyboard was quite uncomfortable to use. Being a small notebook, the keyboard is
quite small although typing is manageable but touchpad was disappointing when
compared to conventional notebooks/netbooks with lag and hard buttons. It
includes all required ports and with addition of a port replicator, one can
satisfy all requirements of additional ports. Battery life is quite impressive
at 7:38 hours.

Quick Specs
Specs: INTEL C2D U9300 @
1.20GHZ, 2.66 Kg, 2GB RAM, 160GB HDD, 10.4 XGA Touchscreen
Price: Rs.2,28,000
Contact: Panasonic India,Gurgaon
Tel: 4596633
SMS Buy 130983 to 56677

While it involves making some compromises, the Toughbook CF-19 is a sturdy
solution for workers who need both a touchscreen and endurance.

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