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Every notebook brings with it, its own flavor of class and quality. Some have
looks; some class, while some claim to have it all. In this Shootout we
dissected 18 different models, belonging to the ‘Business Class’ range from 9
different brands. We tested them for various aspects ranging from Component
level testing, Productivity, battery backup, Graphics, Connectivity, to even
Vista compatibility. To test all this, we used proven benchmarks like 3D Mark06,
3D Mark05 for Graphics test, Battery Mark for backup test, PC Mark05 for
component test, etc. We used our standard and proven Brown Gibson statistical
model to arrive at the weightages for all the categories.

Speaking of category, we’ve divided the 18 laptops into four of them–budget
laptops under 55K, mid-range laptops between 55-70K, ultraportables, and finally
those that are a class apart for people with a style to match.

Performance tests
In performance test we used benchmarks like Multimedia Content Creation 2003 and
Business Winstone 2002, so as to stress the notebook with regular productivity
applications as well as multimedia content applications. Likewise for graphics
test, we used 3D Mark05 and 3D Mark06 which not only test the gaming potential
of the notebook, but also the image rendering and image threading, through which
one can easily determine the graphics potential of a notebook. We used 3D Mark06
for notebooks that were shipped with dedicated in-built graphics, so you might
not find the 3D Mark06 scores for those notebooks that do not come with in-built
graphs card. This is because of the fact that those notebooks have in-built
graphics and no dedicated graphics card, thus, limiting their graphics
potential. In fact one notebook (Sahara HJ06C) didn’t give a score on 3D Mark05
as well, mainly because of its lower video memory that restricted it from
delivering any high-end graphics experience.

We used PC Mark05 to test notebooks for things like the hard disk general
usage, multithreading, Web page rendering, file decryption and 3D-pixel shader.
It’s a synthetic benchmark that covers almost all such important components of a
notebook. This benchmark, in itself, runs 11 different tests. For testing the
backup and connectivity, we used Battery Mark02 and QCheck for wireless

Last but least, we also ran the Vista compatibility check on all the laptops
to check their Vista readiness. This was done irrespective of which OS they
shipped with. We have also taken the problems faced with Vista drivers that have
become common. As a result, the notebooks that have more number of drivers
working fine for them get a better rating compared to those which don’t. In
short, even the minute details have been tested for, as far as the Vista
upgradability/compatibility is concerned.

Talk of notebook features and they come from all walks of it. There are built-in
Web cams, finger-print readers, TPM and so on. We broke up the features
according to the notebook category under test. We categorized all these features
into five categories–physical, connectivity, components, software and
protection. The ‘physical’ category comprises screen size and the weight of the
notebook.; Connectivity has options like Bluetooth version 1/2, infrared, MMC
reader, S-Video, DVI port, FireWire, etc other than the regular LAN/modem, WLAN,
etc. We also looked at the number and type of USB ports and PCMCIA slots. The
third feature category–component–looks at the type of optical drives, whether
the notebook has a DVD combo, a CD-RW or a multi-recorder DVD-RW. We also took
into consideration the hard-drive capacity and any additional component that has
been shipped with the notebook, for eg, wireless optical mouse or an MMC adapter
etc. Software have always been an essential part of the package, hence whether
or not all the essential software were shipped with the notebook, has also been
taken into consideration. These include recovery CDs, driver CDs, OSes, etc are
always a boon to the buyer. Lastly, we took into account, what could be a very
important factor in today’s data threat scenario, the protection. We looked at
all types of protection available in a notebook, be it a finger-print reader,
BIOS level HDD protection, touch-pad lock, TPM, or even rescue option available
at the time of boot up.

Price remains a very important feature that people base their buying decisions
on. So we took into account both price and warranty in deciding for the winner.
The notebooks we received range from INR 50k to 2 lakhs. In terms of warranty,
almost all came with a 1-year warranty but there are some with the option of
additional extended warranty, which is always a better deal.

With competition and entry of new brands in the market, the prices of
notebooks are nose-diving with each passing day and vendors are coming up with
new tricks to win the market share. Hence, we hope our extensive review will
help you arrive at the best notebook for your requirements.

Note: All the overall
scores in the pages to follow are out of 300, while the individual scores are
out of 100 each.

Graphics Productivity Backup Vista compatibility Connectivity
Mid Range
Intex Challenger 012DW 569 68.3 3.2 2 11
Connoi GL31 507 89.9 2.48 2 13
Connoi EL81 504 83.6 3.47 2 12
Lenovo ThinkPad R60 584 69 4.1 2.2 13
Asus F3JC 2341 101.8 3.44 3.1 13
A class apart
Asus S6F Brown 693 89.6 3.15 3 13
Asus Vx1 3398 76.7 2.43 3.5 13
Dell Latitude ATG D620 906 79.7 2.5 3 13
Sony VGN-SZ48GN 3406 79.5 3.5


Intex Performer 032DW 294 68.9 2.7 2 13
Sahara CK76 296 72.8 5.7 1 13
HCL AX0S1904 291 54.7 1.57 1 13
Sahara HJ06 0 66.9 2.5 1 13
HCL AX0K1901 417 54.7 2.1 0 12
HCL AX009012 534 78.7 3.17 2 13
HCL AX009011 534 76.8 3.13 2 13

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 597 80.3 5.24 2.9 13
Wipro LittleGenius 7130 670 81.3 3.49 2.3 13

Budget-Less than 55K

HCL AX009012

(+) Only Core 2 Duo in budget range, best performance and features
(-) None

This notebook is the only one with a Core 2 Duo processor, which coupled with
1 GB RAM gave the best performance in this category. It gives an ample battery
backup of slightly more than 3 hours, and gave decent performance in the
remaining tests. Other specs of the notebook include a 160 GB HDD, a DVD-Writer
and add to this the slew of features like Bluetooth, FireWire, card reader, etc
and you have a really good buy in your hands. Overall, a really good notebook,
well worth the price.


Quick Specs
Core 2 Duo T5200 1.6 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, 14” widescreen,
integrated Bluetooth, FireWire, 4-in-1 card reader, 2.5 kg
Price: Rs 43,990 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 2
Contact: HCL Infosystems, Noida, Tel: 9350206771, E-mail:

HCL AX009011

(+) Excellent performance
(-) No Bluetooth

This model is very similar to the winner of this shootout, with a few
exceptions. It comes with a Core Duo processor instead of Core 2 Duo, a 120 GB
HDD, and there’s no Bluetooth. Otherwise, it gave the exact same performance as
the winner. The reason is simple. The only advantage of having a Core 2 Duo
processor is support for 64-bit, which would reflect only if you load a 64-bit
OS. The laptop lags just a little behind the Intex Performer in features, in
that the latter has a multi-card reader and Bluetooth. Overall, this HCL laptop
is a good buy for its performance and price, although we would like it to have a
higher warranty.


Quick Specs
Core Duo T2250 1.73 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, 14” widescreen, 4-in-1
card reader, 2.5 kg
Price: Rs 41,990 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 2
Contact: HCL Infosystems, Noida Tel: 9350206771, E-mail:

Intex Performer 032DW

(+) Feature packed
(-) Costly

Despite being the most expensive laptop in this category, the sleek looking
Intex Performer managed to gain the second spot in this category. This was
primarily because of the host of features it offers, like a multicard reader,
Bluetooth, and a DVD-Writer. Plus, it has three USB ports, a FireWire port and a
SPDIF jack arranged along both sides. Launch keys are provided for instant
access to Net and e-mail. The speakers are placed on the LCD panel and support
3D sound. Performance wise, it was average in productivity and component tests,
and lagged behind in graphics and battery backup (only 2 hrs). Overall a good
buy given the features, though we wished that its price also included the OS


Quick Specs
Core Duo T2050 1.6 GHz, 512 MB, 60 GB HDD, 14” TFT screen, Bluetooth,
FireWire, 4-in-1 card reader, 2.5 kg
Price: Rs 48,000 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 2
Contact: IntexTechnologies, Delhi, Tel: 9312096084,

HCL AX0K1901

(+) Well priced
(-) Low battery backup

This HCL notebook has a Pentium Dual Core processor of 1.6 GHz and 256 MB
RAM. It does have a basic configuration in terms of features. The PCMCIA slot,
DVD-RW and a USB port are placed along the sides. While the Ethernet, modem and
three other USB ports are placed at the back, this is not a comfortable position
while working. The notebook is well priced, and its performance is average. It
scores more in graphics and component test compared to the Sahara laptops. Its
battery performance could do better, giving only 2 hours. Overall, a good laptop
for the budget conscious who just need a laptop for basic productivity.


Quick Specs
Pentium Dual Core T2060 (1.6 GHz), 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HDD, 15.4”
widescreen, PCMCIA slot, Wi-Fi ready, 3 kg
Price: Rs 36,990 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score:
Contact: HCL Infosystems, Noida, Tel: 9350206771, E-mail:

HCL AX0S1904

(+) Lowest price
(- )Low battery backup, heavy

This is the cheapest notebook in this category, having a Celeron M processor
with 512 MB RAM. It has the same design as the HCL AX0K1901. The ports for
Ethernet, modem and USB (three such for USB) are at the back. It also has
application launch keys. With the lowest price, this notebook leads the price
score. Coming to performance, the scores are pretty low, which is understandable
since the other laptops have better processors. This laptop also gave the lowest
battery backup of just below 2 hours. At 3 kg, it’s also pretty bulky. If you’re
on a tight budget and need a no frills laptop for basic productivity usage, then
go for this. Otherwise, spend a little more and go for some of the other budget
laptops in this segment.


Quick Specs
Celeron M (1.46MHz), 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, 15.4” widescreen, PCMCIA
slot, Wi-Fi ready, 3 kg
Price: Rs 30,990 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 1
Contact: HCL Infosystems, Noida, Tel: 9350206771, E-mail:

Sahara CK76

(+) Very robust; best battery backup
(-) High price compared to features

This was the toughest notebook (literally) in this category. We dropped it
from a height of about 1 meter and spilt about 3 liters of water across its
body. It came out with flying colors in both, running happily. All this makes it
a very safe and convenient notebook for heavy duty usage. This ensures that data
is not lost from accidental drops and rough handling. The sturdy protection from
shocks and drops that this notebook enjoys, gives it good features score.
Comparing its performance with Intex and basic models of HCL, it scores well in
productivity and battery backup. In fact, it gave a whopping battery backup of
over 5 hrs, which is the best in this segment. Overall a good buy given the
battery backup and sturdiness.


Quick Specs
Pentium M 740 1.73GHz, 512 MB, 80 GB HDD, 14.1” TFT screen, WiFi
ready, PCMCIA slot, Gigabit Ethernet, 2.67 kg
Price: Rs. 46,999 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 1
Contact: Sahara Computers, Noida Tel: 0120- 4397777, E-mail:

Sahara HJ06

(+) Light in weight
(-) Low battery backup

This Sahara notebook is second only to the HCL AX0S1904 in terms of price.
The notebook has a Pentium M processor and 512 MB RAM. It does not have a
widescreen, but does have a built-in microphone on the LCD panel. The speakers
are on the front side just like the HCL 1901 and 1904. Looking at the
performance, it scores more in productivity compared to the base HCL models. It
gives a battery backup of about 2 hrs and has the lightest weight in this
category. An average notebook overall.


Quick Specs
Pentium M (2 GHz), 512 MB, 40 GB HDD, 14.1” TFT screen, WiFi ready,
2.35 kg Price: Rs. 33,899 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 1
Contact: Sahara Computers, Noida Tel: 0120- 4397777, E-mail:

Mid-range-55K to 70K

Asus F3JC

(+) Excellent graphics performance
(-) Heavy and bigger in size

This notebook came out as the winner in this category because of the perfect
balance between its price, performance and features. It has a really good
configuration of a Core Duo T2500 (2 GHz) with 2 GB RAM, 120 GB hard disk, and a
powerful NVidia GeForce Go 7300 GPU onboard. This along with the 15.4”
widescreen LCD panel make it a great choice for heavy duty multimedia 1and
digital content creation work. Coming to its other features, the notebook has a
1.3 MP Web camera that has an in-built microphone. There are interfaces
available for TV Out and this was the only notebook to come with a DVI port.
Plus it also has a Gigabit Ethernet port, Bluetooth connectivity and a 3-in- 1
card reader. Performance wise, it smashed all competition in its category,
giving excellent graphics and productivity scores. It loses some points in
battery back-up to the Lenovo R60, giving 3 hours and 44 mins. Overall, a great
notebook for multimedia work.


Quick Specs
Core Duo T2500 (2 GHz), 2 GB RAM, 120 GB HDD, NVidia GeForce Go 7300
graphics, 15.4” widescreen, TPM chip, Bluetooth, 3-in- 1 card reader, 3.12 kg

Price: Rs 65,000 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 3.1
Contact: Asus Technology Mumbai, 40058888 E-mail:

Lenovo ThinkPad R60

(+)Excellent battery backup; Good price
(-) None

Lenovo R60 grabbed second place in this category because of its great price
and features. It has tons of features like fingerprint sensor for security and
Bluetooth for connectivity. Plus, it also gives you a good quick recovery option
with its colored ThinkVintage button. The notebook is powered by a Core Duo
T7300e (1.66 GHz), 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard disk and a 15” TFT screen. On
performance front, it gave the best battery backup of the lot, clocking 4 hours
and 10 minutes. Overall, a great choice for people who are constantly on the
move and need an economical notebook.


Quick Specs
Core Duo T7300e (1.66 GHz), 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard disk, 15” TFT
screen, fingerprint sensor, IR port, Bluetooth, docking port
Price: Rs 63,490 (3 yrs warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 2.2
Contact: Lenovo India, Bangalore. Tel: 1800-425-3336,

Connoi GL31

(+) Good price for these features
(-) No DVD writer

This Connoi notebook is the cheapest in this category, and comes with an
in-built 1.3 MP Web camera and microphone, so it can be used for online video
conferencing without having to dangle cables. It has a wide touchpad. It lacks a
DVD writer. In performance, it gave decent scores in graphics, component and
productivity tests, but gave the lowest battery backup of the lot at 2 hours and
50 minutes. Interestingly, Connoi GL31 and Connoi EL81 share the same basic
specs (CPU and RAM), but this one has lesser features. Overall, if you have a
budget of under 60k and you just need basic notebook features with decent
performance, this notebook is worth buying.


Quick Specs
Core Duo T2500 (2 GHz), 512 MB RAM, 60 GB hard disk, 14.1”
widescreen, card reader, 1.3 MP Web cam, Weight — 2.5 kgs
Vista Ultimate Score: 2
Price: Rs 56,650 (1 yr warranty)
Contact: Connoiseur Electronics Bangalore, Tel: 41152202

Connoi EL81

(+) Good battery backup
(-) One year warranty

This is the elder brother of Connoi GL31 and shares the same system specs in
terms of CPU and RAM. It has 20 GB more HDD capacity. The notebook comes with an
in-built web camera and a microphone for efficient online conferencing. It also
has wider touchpad and a side scrollbar. Plus, it has a big 15.4” LCD panel.
Coming to performance, it scored more or less the same as the Conmoi GL31 in
graphics, productivity and component tests. The notebook gave very good battery
backup around 3 hours 44 mins, which is second highest in this lot after the
Lenovo Thinkpad R60. Overall a good notebook for decent performance at an
average price.


Quick Specs
Core Duo T2500 (2 GHz), 512 MB RAM, 80 GB hard disk, 15.4”
widescreen, IR port, Web cam, Weight — 2.85 kgs.
Price: Rs 59,150 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 2
Contact: Connoiseur Electronics, Bangalore, Tel: 41152202

Intex Challenger 012DW

(+) Compact, good battery backup
(-) Poor graphic performance

The most compact in its category, Intex challenger 012DW is based on Core Duo
T2050 processor with 512 MB RAM and 80 GB HDD. It is the only notebook in this
category that weighs under 2 kg and has a screen size of 12.1 inches. It’s a
little heavy for its size. It lost 1out in the battle mainly because it couldn’t
run one of the graphics tests, whereas all the other notebooks in its class did.
Even in productivity test, it scored the lowest compared to the rest. The
battery backup time of 3 hrs 20 mins, it offers, is good enough. It’s the
cheapest notebook in this category but has just one year of warranty compared to
Asus’ 2 yrs and Lenovo’s 3 yrs. Overall, a decent buy at its price.


Quick Specs
Core Duo T 2050, 512 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD, Bluetooth, IR Port, Web cam,
1.9 kg, 12.1” monitor
Price: Rs 55,000 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 2
Contact: IntexTechnologies, Delhi. 9312096084, E-mail:


Lenovo ThinkPad X60

(+) Small and Compact, battery backup
(-) No optical Drive, no Touch pad

As there were only two laptops in the ultraportable category, there was not
much we could do in terms of ranking. It comes with a finger-print sensor for
security and ThinkVintage that provides recovery against data loss. Plus it’s
light weight too. The only drawback in this notebook is that it doesn’t have any
optical drives. However, you can buy a docking station if you intend to use any
optical drive. Coming to performance, it gave decent scores in all performance
tests. It scored better than Wipro’s Little Genius only due to its excellent
back-up time of 5 hours 24 mins. For the rest of the tests, the Wipro notebook
got better scores than this one.

The notebook’s configuration managed to fetch it a Vista ready score of 2.9,
which means that you can comfortably run Vista on it. The notebook has a host of
good features packed in its small form factor, like Bluetooth, FireWire, SD
slot, and of course the regular slew of recovery options that all ThinkPads are
famous for. We did miss having a touch pad on it, and not having an optical
drive can be a little disturbing. However, it’s a great choice for mobile
professionals who don’t want to carry too much weight around.


Quick Specs
Core Duo T7300e (1.83 GHz), 512 MB RAM, 80 GB hard disk, 12.1” TFT
screen, Gigabit Ethernet, fingerprint sensor, Firewire, 1.62kg Price: Rs.
88,000 (3 yrs warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 2.9
Contact: Lenovo India. Bangalore. Tel: 1800- 425-3336. Email:

Wipro Little Genius 7130

(+) Recovery tools, economical
(-) No Finger print reader, low Vista score

This is cheapest notebook in this category, which comes with a small screen
size of 13.3 inches and has three USB, a Bluetooth, a FireWire and a 9-in-1 card
reader slot. The notebook is powered by a Core Duo T2300 1.66 GHz processor, 512
RAM and 80 GB HDD. Coming to its performance, the notebook did better in
graphics, productivity and component tests compared to the Lenovo ThinkPad X60,
in the same category. However, its rival Lenovo beat it in battery backup test,
by a wide margin. It claims to provide you 8 level of security right from BIOS
level. Plus it also comes with a staller data recovery kit. That helps you to
recover data in case of data loss . It also had dual layer DVD writer. This the
only laptop which comes with CA eTrust antivirus protection preloaded. For power
management it has four gear power option , which enable you to select various
power managent as per your needs. If you are looking for a compact notebook
which comes for less than 80k then this notebook is worth buying


Quick Specs
Core Duo T2300 1.66GHz, 2MB Cache, 512 MB DDRII 533MHz, 80 GB HDD,
13.3” TFT screen, 9-in-1 card reader, 1.96 kg
Price: Rs 77,400 (3 yrs warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 2.3
Contact: Wipro Banglore, Tel: 25056319, Email:

A class apart

Sony Vaio VGN-SZ-48GN

(+) Graphics card, light weight
(-) Bigger form factor

The much deserving winner in this group, Sony VGN—SZ-48GN, is a slick and
lightweight notebook, perfect choice for a business executive who cares not only
about looks but also performance. Built around a Core 2 Duo processor, it has 1
GB of RAM and 160 GB of HDD. It comes pre-loaded with Vista Business. It scored
the maximum in performance mainly because of its high scores in component test
and Graphics test. In productivity test, it scored 52 and 27 in MCCW and BW
respectively giving it an edge over others. Some additional features like Web
cam, fingerprint reader, TPM add more to its basket. Even though the Dell in
this category came very close to it in terms of features, on the performance
front, it lost out due to the absence of good onboard graphics. This Vaio has a
slightly bigger form factor compared to ASUS S6F but its weight at just 1.69 kg
makes it the perfect companion on those long trips. The battery backup time is 3
hrs 50 mins, which is fractionally lesser than the ASUS S6F. Since it
outperformed others in two of the three categories, it stands out as a winner.
Overall a great choice.


Quick Specs
Core 2 Duo T7200 (2 GHz), 1 GB RAM, 160 GB hard disk, NVidia GoForce
7400 graphics, 13.3” widescreen, Web cam, TPM chip, Bluetooth, 1.69 kg
Price: Rs 1,24,900 (1 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 3.5
Contact: Sony India, Delhi Tel: 26991205, E-mail:

Dell Latitude ATG D620

(+) Tough,HDD protection
(-) Heavy, expensive

This tough notebook from Dell is not only tough but also a consistent
performer. It is specifically meant for people who work in testing environments
like military camps and coalmines. It is designed to protect itself against
accidental bumps, moisture and other such extreme conditions. Dell has also
introduced a new concept of ‘Complete Cover’, under which they propose to
replace or repair any accidental damage or spill on the notebook. Built on a
Core 2 Duo Processor, it gave a consistent performance. It comes with almost all
features as the Sony Vaio but misses out on a few things. It doesn’t have a Web
cam, is heavy at 3 kg and has a larger form factor compared to Sony. Since it
doesn’t have very good onboard graphics, its performance score is also on the
lower side. For productivity, it scored 2nd best compared to all in this
category. Nevertheless, it is the joint winner in this category mainly because
of its consistent performance and features. Despite being more expensive than
the Sony, it scores more in price because of its 3 years warranty.


Quick Specs
Core 2 Duo T7200 (2 GHz), 2 GB RAM, 80 GB hard disk, 14.1”
widescreen, card reader, IR port, Bluetooth, 3 kg
Price: Rs 1,30,294 (3 yrs complete cover)
Vista Ultimate Score: 3
Contact: Dell India, Bangalore.

ASUS Lamborghini VX1

(+) Good graphics, Zero Bright Dots & sound quality
(-) No finger print reader, no web cam, expensive

Acommon trend among most users is to compare the speed of their machine with
high performance cars. To match user expectations, Acer pioneered the Ferrari
range with their collaboration with Ferrari. This is now followed by Asus
collaborating with Lamborghini. Asus Lamborghini VX1 is a high-end notebook and
specifically meant for business executives who want to associate style with
them. With a Core 2 Duo T7400 processor, the VX1 is set for high speed
performance, much in line with Lamborghini’s reputation. For all said and not,
we have placed it in the ‘A Class Apart’ category, which has four other
competitors for it. It was 2nd highest scorer in our performance test mainly
owing to its GoForce 7400 graphics. It is the costliest notebook in this
category and lacks some features like fingerprint reader, TPM, and Web cam. At
this price, one would expect to find all these features.

It is a little overpriced for its features and the Lamborghini brand name
brings it to this category. So, meant for people who want to own a Lamborghini
for less than 2 lakhs. The laptop clocks a decent Vista ready score of 3.5.


Quick Specs
Core 2 Duo T7400 (2 GHz), 2 GB RAM, 160 GB HDD, nVidia GoForce 7400,
Bluetooth, 15” screen, Asus Zero Dot Bright, 2.57 kg
Price: Rs 1,98,620 (2 yrs warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score: 3.5
Contact: Asus Technology Mumbai, Tel: 40058888, E-mail:

Asus S6F

(+) Compact and light weight.
(-) Low processor,No Web Cam,No Finger print reader

Asus S6F brown is a compact and stylish notebook meant for a business
executive who likes to make a style statement. It has a unique texture
resembling good leather finish, which differentiates it from the rest. The small
form factor and lightweight are two plusses for it, but it lacks a Core 2 Duo
processor that most notebooks in this line-up have and some additional features
like fingerprint reader, TPM, Web cam, etc. It scored nothing extraordinary in
the component and graphics tests.

Though, it did manage to get the top position in productivity test. The
backup of 3 hr 58 min is 2nd best for Sony. At this price, a few additional
features would have made it a potential force to recon with. In Vista
compatibility, it scored 3, which is good, though not enough to top this
category. It lost the battle mainly because of missing features and low
performance scores. Its compactness and light weight with good battery backup
makes its a good buy for business travellers who wants a notebook with style and


Quick Specs
Specs: Core Duo L2400 (1.6 GHz), 1 GB RAM, 80 GB hard disk, 11.1”
widescreen, Bluetooth, 1.53 kg
Price: Rs 1,09,800 (2 yr warranty)
Vista Ultimate Score – 3 Contact: Asus Technology Mumbai,
Tel:40058888, E-mail:

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