SHRM India’s ‘3rd HR Tech Conference 2017’ Gathers over 850 Delegates

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SHRM Tech 2017, the 3rd edition of SHRM India HR Technology Conference and Exposition identifies various aspects and developments in the industry to edify the future of HR and technology

SHRM Panel Discussion on Big DataSHRM Panel Discussion on Big Data

India’s adolescent HR Technology vertical is growing potentially and attracting investors from all directions. According to studies, the market is expected to experience a boon and grow at the rate of 25% in coming five years. Observing the same, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) came up with a successful third edition of HR Technology Conference and Exposition in Hyderabad.

On April 20, 2017 Achal Khanna, CEO, SHRM India welcomed over 850 delegates and media professionals in the conference. She addressed the audience acknowledging participation of delegates and renowned companies. She said, “SHRM Tech is proud to bring technology and human resource together for industry and professionals. She stated that now is the time for HR professionals and corporate leaders from all industries to gather under a common platform. It is imperative to identify and engage in discussions innovations and technology revolution for future of HR technology.

The conference witnessed delegates from business, HR and technology arena making SHRM Tech 2017 as the biggest HR Tech congregation in the nation. It kicked off with a dash of panel discussions, presentations and intellectual sessions. Eminent professionals and speakers from across the globe were seen sharing their experience and insights on the market and developing arena of HR technology in india and the world.

Mr. Josh Bersin, Principal, Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP during the media briefing stated, “HR Tech market now stabds at $400mn and is rapidly evolving in the disruptive industry.” He also said, “HR needs to be constantly updated on what is going-on in technology industry.” On similar lines, Jeff T.H. Pon, Chief HR and Strategy Officer, SHRM added, “It is easier now, unlike marketing and finance, we have analysts to tell the status of the companies HR and employee production and scenarios.”

Whilst Christopher Arnold from Wells Fargo asserted, “HR is an undiscovered industry and technology altogether. HR professionals need to work on productivity. Technology is fun, creative and more but it does not increase productivity. So, it is imperative to work as a team and increase productivity.”

In an engaging session – SHRMTech-X, the renowned professionals focused on the future of a workplace. Krish Shankar, Group Head HRD, Infosys talked on ‘Don’t People Hate Technology?’ He shared, “I think technology is good but we need to look at other aspects of it. And, how can we use much more effectively to get the benefits of it.” Shankar also shared his experiences from ‘Yammer’ project and how technology can be a bane sometimes. “We launched ‘Yammer’ but hardly 15-20% of people are using it. It is going downwards. And, why is it? Because people are not using it, it’s all about people and technology and their preferences.”

Mr. Krish Shankar, Group Head, HR Development – Infosys during the sessionMr. Krish Shankar, Group Head, HR Development – Infosys during the session

Dr. Chandrashekhar Sripada, President and Global Head HR, Dr. Reddy’s Labs engaged the audience with an energetic session on ‘You can’t email empathy or Twitter your emotions?’ He divulged his experience in simple words saying, “Technology legitimately invades privacy.”

He concluded the sessions with three points of advice for professionals, “we live in a vendor-led world and profession of HR is tp use all the needs that are created.”

Influence company to observe a weekly e-mail free day
Don’t forward unwanted mails
Create happy hours for interactions amidst employees
During the conference, various studies and case studies were launched for human resource and technology professionals. Founder and CEO, Avinash Saurabh, in collaboration with SHRM, launched the Indian study, ‘Habit Forming Cloud & Mobile Platform in Supporting Employee Wellbeing.’ The report highlights the efficiency habit forming for the wellbeing of employees, for overall productivity. Achal Khanna of SHRM along with renowned speakers launched a case study booklet covering the best HR practices implemented by SHRM HR Awards 2016 winners.

SHRM Tech 2017 also had an interactive and informational exposition area where renowned companies exhibited latest HR technologies and innovations, thus providing primary experience of digital solutions and productivity enhancers for HR professionals. Companies included Indeed,, People Strong, HealthifyMe, ZingHR, and eKincare.

All in all, the conference and exposition highly focused on the development and enhacement of digital human resource architecture as well as management. Achal Khanna, CEO, SHRM India concluded the conference stating, “The two day conference saw a series of powerful sessions by CEOs as well as global HR and technology thought leaders on the scope and impact of technology on the human resources domain. The panel and corroborative discussions led by senior professionals in relevant field are truly enlightening and has led to an enhanced understanding of the various HR technologies and leveraging them effectively in order to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving corporate landscape.”

“SHRM Tech ’17 provided a common platform at the right moment for industry leaders to brainstorm and access the impact of technology on their businesses as well as identified the best way forward. The annual SHRM Tech conference has in a short span of time elicited overwhelming response becoming a leading event to analyze emerging trends and have an impact on how the trends shape up, going forward,” she added further.




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