Shutdown or Restart Your PC Remotely

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Shutter is a free mobile app that lets you shut down or restart your PC remotely from anywhere from your smartphone in a few simple steps

Many a times you accidently leave your home consumption of electricity. or office PC ON or you don’t want to wait until your download is complete. You could leave it running, but that’s unnecessary consuming electricity.  An amazing option is to hand it over to Shutter, which is a free tool that can be configured to automatically shut down your computer in an hour’s time, or however long you think it’s going to take for your download to complete. Shutter is a multifunctional scheduling utility that supports different events and actions like Shutdown, Reboot, Log Off, Lock Workstation, Sleep,Hibernate etc.

Step 1: Download it from website and launch the app. or office PC ON or you don’t want to wait until your download is complete. You could leave it running, but that’s unnecessary.

PCQuest Nov14

 Step 2: Click the Event drop down menu and you will find that there is a simple countdown timer or an alarm-style time trigger, but there are also more interesting options such as low battery and the closing of a window or the termination of a particular process.

shut 2

Step 3: Once you choose an option from this first menu, you will then have to configure additional settings. If you have opted for a timer, this involves little more than specifying how long the timer should run. But we are interested in using the Shutdown option for now. You may also use it for restarting, hibernating, sleeping, sound muting and other available actions.

shut 3

Step 4: Hit the Start button and you can walk away from your machine. If you right click the icon in the notification area of the taskbar, it’s possible to access the various power down states from the Now sub-menu.

shut 4

Step 5: The most useful element of Shutter is its remote access option. Click the Options button in the main program window, or select this from the system tray menu. While you are here, you might want to select the Autorun option so that the program starts with Windows.

shut 6

Step 6: Click on Web Interface tab. Tick the Enable box, select your computer’s IP address from the Listen IP menu and then choose the port you’d like to use. Enter a username and password before clicking Save. Allow it through firewall to make use of your network.

Step 7: Open your web browser, enter the IP address with port number – e.g. It opens a pop-up for username and password .

shut 7

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