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Six Technologies to Watch Out for in 2017


The global industry is going through a phase of innovation and redefining the way it works. We saw immense progress in the IT industry in 2016. There were products that made their debut into the market, there were products that have improved radically and more. Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Virtual Realityand Smart Devices and blockchainsare gaining market acceptance and adoption.

Now,it is that time of the year again to make the annual predictions. The super trends that everyone ought to look out for in the IT space in 2017 are pretty unnerving yet exciting.

1.     The next generation of technology advancement will be incomplete without Blockchains, which promises to transform the operating models of enterprises in the years to come. While the blockchains persistently created a rage this year, most enterprises could not make progress with its practical implementation. As per a study by IBM, 15 percent of the banks state that they would put blockchains into commercial production by 2017 and 91 percent of the banks would be investing in blockchains for deposit-taking.

2.     Artificial Intelligence has shown its mojo with marketing, healthcare, and finance and is slowly moving to other industries such as e-commerce, automobile, manufacturing, etc. While self-driven cars have cleared their QC tests 5 years ago, 2017 is the year that will see these cars on the streets. Robots have already taken over few hazardous jobs, and in the future they will take jobs that involve toxic interference, high decibel levels, and many unhealthier environments for humans to work. AI experts foresee the cyborg enhancements that humans will incline to convenience and strength. Stuart Russell explains that machines have more data than any human can ever possess and utilizing this, some trends could be altered and problems can be addressed. Healthcare industry will also benefit in a great way with AI, transforming the way illnesses are diagnosed to performing critical surgeries.

3.     Machine Learning has been a technology trend for a few years now. Companies are upping their game to adapt to Machine Learning in the cloud to deploy smart applications. As we progress, people’s behaviors and preferences will be fed for the machines to learn, and humans will embrace the fact that they can learn from machine too. For instance, Machine Learning is expected to have a dramatic impact on the education system aiding systematic methods to human-machine learning.

4.     Big Data and Cloud have been the top game changers from 2010 and these trends have been transforming businesses to redefine the enterprise value. Data stands as a valued commodity that every company is able to collect and store in vast amounts. Organizations are reckoning on Hadoop along with advanced analytics to convert exabytes of data to valuable information for making reliable strategic decisions. Lot more organizations are adopting Hadoop, and companies are chalking out innovative solutions to match up to the trends. Predictive analysis will see light in 2017 with its ability to help companies detect mishaps and downplay revenue risks and help boost operational excellence.

5.     Internet of Things (IoT) is a fairly new concept that captured the interest of every industry and company. IoT, connecting devices via internet, will generate data that can be utilized to obtain smarter insights through analytics and enhance business outcomes exponentially. According to IDC, IoT market is predicted to grow to $1.7 trillion by 2020 with 30-50 billion connected things. 2017 will be a great year to see everyday objects connected to the internet and investors will create new revenue streams through IoT.

6.     Cloud computing has transformed the enterprises in over the last half a decade and market leaders invariably agree that cloud is revolutionizing the market. Cloud computing will remain to be fast paced in 2017 with companies falling back on cloud for data centers and better CRMs. The public and private cloud allow great flexibility with information sharing. The companies aiming at succeeding in 2017 with cloud computing ought to look out for gaps between the public and private cloud and bridge it.

2017 will see exabytes of data utilized for strategic business decisions. IoT, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning, and AI will change the face of the technology in ways we have never seen in the last two decades. The exponential rise in technology trends will demand companies to involve more in datafication and tactfully embrace changes.

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