Someone made a Sekiro style mod for Skyrim; Skyrim Die Twice

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Though Skyrim is one of the best games to ever come out, it had its shortcomings. Combat for one, wasn’t the greatest. It just had slashing, casting a spell and seldomly blocking. That’s about it. But one of the greatest features of Skyrim is moddingModding has kept the game going even to this date and Skyrim has a very active modding community. One mod that has captured the interest of gamers in the Skyrim Die Twice mod by a Reddit user, LertKrush.

Won’t disagree if anyone comes to me and says the name needs some working. As you can already guess, the mod is inspired by From Software’s 2019 hit game, Skeiro: Shadows Die Twice. The Skyrim Die Twice mod is a combat overhaul mod makes Skyrim’s combat quit like Sekiro’s. Now you will be able to dodge, roll, deflect arrows and attacks. It also adds a stamina bar for you and your enemy. According to LertKrush, here is how the mod works: 

It’s actually a heavily modified version of Ultimate Combat. Made for myself but it looks cool so guess I’ll post it here.

– You can deflect arrows with reduced/no damage (modified Deflect Arrow perk)

– Deflect enemy attacks to avoid taking damage and reduce their stamina. If the enemy stamina is low they will stagger, if it’s super low they will go into bleedout mode for a while.

– Enemies can deflect your attack too, draining your stamina. You won’t go into bleedout mode though; you’ll just stagger if you have little stamina left.

These changes make the combat strategic and fast paced. The mod also adds Sekiro style visual cues to the game as well.  Here is the mod in action: 

As for availability, the mod isn’t available for downloading as of yet, even though LertKrush says “it is pretty much complete”. The reason is that it a modified version of the Ultimate Combat SE mod made by tktkLertKrush says he will need to get permission from him to upload it to NexusMods. Until then, all we can do is wait. 

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