Smart Cooking For Smart cities with Smart technologies

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Everywhere around us we see smart technologies transforming the nature of how we do things and helping us make our lives more convenient. These technologies are redefining the traditional ways of doing things and are replacing them with better modes and styles. The emphasis is on allowing a greater degree of control in the processes of daily living, personalization, and an enhanced user engagement at the same time. Modern technologies in the form of smart home appliances have made our lives more convenient than ever before.

The home is not just a place where we retire after a long day, but also a space which allows us to express ourselves freely and dwell into our passions with immense creativity. The heart of any home is undoubtedly the kitchen, a place always bustling with activity and energy. For some cooking is a chore and for some others it is an art. There are already so many vendors already in the market those working to make the things smarter even cooking. For example LG’s smart range of kitchen appliances, cooking becomes a more convenient and exciting process for one and all.

The LG ‘All-in-One Microwave’ is a multi-faceted smart technology that can prepare healthy and hygienic food in a fast and convenient way. LG Microwave is the first to have a charcoal lighting heater which comes with a ten-year warranty for real charcoal-like grilling besides having other modes for grilling, baking, steaming, heating and roasting. It can pasteurize milk conveniently and has a Diet Fry TM mode which uses less oil specially made for diet conscious people. It is an energy efficient device and saves time and uses less water for cooking. This gadget is electronically regulated and allows precise cooking of traditional and global cuisines.

In line with this smart kitchen technology, is LG’s water purifier range with the Industry’s first airtight stainless steel tank which keeps the water fresh for longer and germ-free for good health, the True Preservation feature. It has a True RO Advanced Filtration System which provides 100% pure water and a True Maintenance with an auto-stabilizing kit, to sterilize the water tank and water path regularly. With its chic display, this appliance is easy to maintain and service. This makes it a dynamic device and is a future-ready smart kitchen technology. By bringing these smart technologies home, consumers are truly becoming empowered and future-ready.

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