Smartphone Buying Guide for Parents: How to Get the Right Smartphone

Buying a smartphone for parents can be tough. This smartphone buying guide for parents can help make the right choice for them.

Boudhaditya Sanyal
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smartphone buying guide for parents

Buying a smartphone for parents can be tough, there are multiple things that need to be considered. Smartphones are and can be complex machines. This makes it very difficult for people who are not from the generation of tech and gadgets. There are multiple smartphone models and brands out there, making it an even more difficult job to pick a smartphone that will be suitable for parents. This guide will help you know and understand things that are important and should be looked for by you when you plan on buying a smartphone for parents. This smartphone buying guide for parents will clear all your doubts.


Clean UI

Ads and bloatware are annoying for everyone. You might know how to disable them, but your parents might not. Therefore, it is best to go for a phone or a company with a clean UI that does not have a lot of ads and bloatware. Brands like Xiaomi and Redmi are not ideal for this, as their budget phones, as well as flagship phones, come with multiple ads and bloatware for the users. Companies like Motorola, Google, OnePlus and Apple are some of the companies that do not have any bloatware in any of their smartphones, making the user experience and interface clean and easy to understand.

Similar UI or Company


Every smartphone brand out there comes with a unique user interface to stand apart from other brands. If you are planning on getting a smartphone for your parents, it is very important to get them a phone that has the same or a similar UI to your phone. They might have problems with navigating around things and the menu, having the same UI as you will allow you to help them when they get stuck somewhere. OTA and software updates are also rolled out together so if you receive any update, it is possible that your parents' phone will also receive that, and you can help them update their phone.

Headphone Jack

This is an optional thing to look at, but can be very important to some people. Headphone jacks are vanishing from smartphones. The trend that started with flagship phones has now reached the phones from the budget segment as well. Make sure that the phone you buy for your parents has a headphone jack as an option. A wireless Bluetooth audio device can be an additional piece of tech to adjust to for your parents. It is best to stick to the basics and go for smartphones that have a headphone jack.

It is not very difficult to buy smartphones for parents. Sticking to the above-mentioned points can help you choose the right phone and also reduce the learning phase by a lot. This smartphone buying guide for parents will guide you through.