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1. Please brief us about Synergy
tech services.

We started around 6 years ago and initially focused only on bespoke(custom) software development. Later we started launching our own products. We are now about 125 strong and two of our own products are in beta testing.

2. What kind of IT challenges have you faced so far?

On a broader scale it has been smooth sailing so far. But talking about the last two years specifically, we have faced issues with managing bandwidth and also with the bandwidth providers.

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Coming to non-technical aspects, SMBs like us have no single window from where we can learn about the compliance requirements and we have been through rough times in this. Now we are 100% compliant with all requirements but it was indeed a learning experience. I do feel that there is a need to have a single window for SMBs where they can learn about such legal issues and their implications.

On the manpower front it has been a good experience for us as recruiters. We have observed that for IT organizations such as ours, recruiting talent from tier-II cities (including fresh graduates from colleges) has been rewarding. In our experience, we have found that such manpower has better analytical reasoning and a more logical application of mind to solve problems, which is what is essential if you are in IT. Hence, training them for real-world problems is easy. They have also lived through tougher times than those in metros and hence are typically found to stay loyal to the organization, which is a big relief for any IT company. Such manpower is typically deprived of good career opportunities and this is how we give back to the society.

3. Which are the IT products and services that you consider to be the most critical for your needs?

It is difficult to specifically pin-point any single product/service as being more important over others. Whether it is hardware, networking or software, we rely heavily on each of the respective products and services and business cannot continue in the absence of even one of them.

4. Are there any solutions which you think should be available in the market for SMBs which are not already available?

There are many such things in my wish-list, but I understand that in the IT industry there are various driving factors behind what products and services are manufactured or made available. Keeping that in mind, I am satisfied with the kind of IT products and services that are currently available.

5. Can you share any case studies of successful deployment?

We had one New York-based client who was not willing to outsource their needs to us. It was pretty hard to convince them to give us business. Initially we allocated only a limited set of resources to the project. After seeing the results, the client was satisfied and we now have a team of 23 people working on the same. As per our last discussions, the client is keen on increasing their business with us.

In this case, what we learnt was that adopting an agile method of development has worked very well. Instead of planning deep in the long-term, planning for about 15-20 days ahead has worked well for us.

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