The Manufacturing Segment Lacks Automation and Shop-Floor Integration

July 1, 2011

The need of the hour for most SMB manufacturers in the country is to automate their informatlon flow and integrate the shop-floor with the top-floor for higher productivity and greater competitiveness

PCQuest SMB Forum

October 7, 2010

The PCQuest partners came up with innovative products that were showcased in all five cities. Here’s a quick peek

PCQuest SMB Forum 2010

October 7, 2010

We travelled to 5 cities pan-India this quarter and gathered interesting learnings about the IT related challenges SMBs face in India.

PCQuest SMB Forum — June 2010

August 1, 2010

From capricious IT product purchases to precocious solutions deployments, IT adoption across SMBs in India has come of age

IT for the Manufacturing Segment

July 1, 2010

Manufacturing companies are now moving towards strengthening their IT infrastructure and adding to the Business Intelligence capability to gain insights into organization’s business functioning

PCQUEST SMB Forum 2008

April 5, 2008

While we are going to press with this issue, we were also amidst running our regular series ...

A Complete Implementation Guide for SMEs

December 2, 2003

Technology cannot be only for rich, globe-stradling companies. The rest of us too, need to benefit from it. Unfortunately, the bulk of Indian businesses – what we call the SME – have lagged behind. Here is a guide to get them started on using technology

Enough Bandwidth

December 2, 2003

What internet connectivity should a smallish organization go for 

Designing the SME Network

December 2, 2003

Before deciding which hardware or software to choose, define what you want to run on your network and the throughput it would require

Data Backup and Recovery

December 2, 2003

To decide what kind of backup solution you need, you have to first define how much data you really need to backup

Planning your Power Requirement

December 2, 2003

First determine how much power outage your business can afford, and then decide the level of protection you need

Deploying Instant Messaging 

December 2, 2003

Chat clients can help reduce long-distance phone bills. Using public clients in businesses is lucrative as they are free. But, keep in mind that you don’t have any control over who’s chatting with whom 

Basic Groupware

December 2, 2003

With MS Windows SharePoint solution you can collaborate with colleagues on projects

SMPT Server for Small Networks

December 2, 2003

Setting up the PostCast server, a free SMTP server

Setting Up An Intranet

December 2, 2003

Why you need an intranet and how you can set one up

Which Printer?

December 2, 2003

Choose between an inkjet, laser or MFD depending on your need: Personal or bulk printing

Choosing a Notebook

December 2, 2003

Analyze your requirements and the features of the notebook before making your pick

Choosing the Right Server

December 2, 2003

You could categorize servers by architecture, type of processor, usage, etc. Talk to any server vendor and you will swim in jargon. RISC or Intel? 32 bit or 64? Rack or blade? IDE or SCSI? You want RAID? Which level? How much redundancy?…. Confused?

Choosing the Right PC

December 2, 2003

Decide a PC’s specs, if you need to buy a new one or upgrade and the vendor support you’ll get

Print Economically

December 2, 2003

Save on hardware maintenance , paper and toner catridges