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It’s with a heavy heart that I am penning these lines. My long association
with PCQuest is coming to an end. I am moving to a new position within the
company that will help me practise what I have preached in the pages of PCQuest.
I will be looking at deploying IT in CyberMedia, as its CIO, and also taking
some time off to explore a few other passions. Ten years is a long time, and
moving out of PCQuest will not be easy. I still remember the cold wintry day in
February, when I joined PCQuest to set up what today is CyberMedia labs. I
vividly remember the very first piece I did for the magazine; a review of a
sound card. Some things have not changed at all in these ten years. Delhi
winters are still cold and miserable. But IT has come a long way since those
days when online meant a BBS that you dialed into, one person at a time.
CyberMedia labs, those days was a single PC. Today, we have a mini data center
that can run almost any enterprise app, and stress test any piece of hardware.

Krishna Kumar
Group Editor

These years have been exciting, eventful and challenging. Every month was a
different adventure, trying to understand a newer set of technologies and to
make sense of complex and curious marketing lingo. Twice in between, we
repositioned the magazine, and there were many amongst you who did not quite
agree with what we were doing. But still, most of you continued to read the
magazine and to support us and frankly, the healthy position we are in today has
been possible only because of your continued support through thick and thin. To
those from the IT industry, I owe a huge debt, for it is you who exposed us to
what we wrote about every month, and in essence, got me my current role!

And then there is my PCQuest team- past and present. The fabulous guys and
girls who toiled days and nights, particularly nights to make PCQuest what it is
today. The forum regulars soon became a part of this team and the forum became
an invaluable mine of ideas and feedback. Many of the ideas that I tried out in
the magazine were actually talked about first at the forum and it was from the
forum that we got the first feedback and the best encouragement month after
month. Along the way, there are many who became personal friends and who went
out of their way to help in times of professional and personal need. Without all
of you, neither PCQuest nor could I have become what we are today.

To all of you out there, thank you. Thank you for being part of my journey
and for enriching it. Frankly, I will miss all the excitement and the
challenges. But like they say, you have to stop singing while the melody is
still good. And hopefully, mine was not all that bad. I am sure that I will
always have your best wishes like I have had all these years and you and PCQuest
will continue to be part of me forever, for it’s you who have made me what I am.

Till we meet again, Sayonara.

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