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BANGALORE, INDIA: The enterprise
track session at Spark IT 2010 today saw Yogesh More, manager, R&D,
ADP Private Ltd India leading an intellectual journey from SaaS
offerings to the SOA landscape.

Starting with explaining the context where SaaS moves on to the
architecture, and detailing the advantages, challenges and solutions,
More further talked about SaaS in enterprise application scenario and
also about the complete architecture of SaaS with enterprise
applications and SOA.

He used the example of Virtual Edge (VE), an applicant track suite. The
various advantages mentioned were zero code, auto upgrade,
configurations, 24/7 availability and universal accessibility. The
challenges were customization, third-party application integration,
multi-tenant application and database and providing 24/7 availability.

When the SaaS works in the enterprise application scenario, the
benefits are application-level integration, security for file exchange,
user store and open standard; however, the challenges come from
funding, seamless integration and performance aspect.

And lastly, the benefits in a complete architecture (SaaS+ enterprise
application+ SOA) are that all the application are SaaS-based, on the
enterprises architecture. It also ensures timeless implementation,
sharing of utility services, shared infrastructure services, re-use of
the infrastructure and development of new services in faster time.

Listing the challenges of the architecture, More said that timelines of
a true SOA, seamless integration to fullest, single sign on,
integration and governance of support layers are major bottlenecks.

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just search for #SparkIT on Twitter.

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