Software development trends that will soon dominate the tech industry

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Software has become an integral part of businesses with a wide range of use cases and applications that are spread across a myriad of life fields. It has always been considered to cater to the certain needs of the customers and to stay on top of industry trends. Using the power of software at their disposal with other technological innovations, organizations can solve several challenges. These can include automating manual tasks, enhancing productivity among employees; minimizing consumer churn; creating a rich end-user experience; and many more. A research report by Grand View Research states that the global market valuation of software development is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% between the forecasting periods of 2022 to 2030. Because of the increasing demands, constant developments are made to fulfill the changing needs of the markets, which will drive the growth of this industry.

Bhaskar Ganguli Director Mass Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Ashok Pandey | PCQuest Bhaskar Ganguli Director Mass Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Trends that are set to lead the technological industry

Undoubtedly, the software development industry is among the fastest-growing domains, and trends are constantly changing. Therefore, organizations must keep up with them to have a competitive advantage and lucrative outcomes. It is imperative that they not only understand the current situation but also keep an eye on the future trends that are going the change the landscape of this domain. Let us delve into some trends that can dominate the software development market in the upcoming years.

Responsive Design

Fast-paced technological advancements have given end users access to multiple devices. They use these devices, such as smartphones and laptops, for shopping, networking, reading content, etc. This situation resulted in the development of a responsive design, which adapts to the screen size on which the website is displayed. Initially, there are four screen sizes catering to the responsive designs: widescreen desktop monitor, laptop, tablet, and mobile phones. The content adjusts itself whenever a website is responsive based on the screen size and user interface. This helps visitors have the best experience without being forced to adapt to a single screen size. It can be stated that responsive design is here to stay as a software development trend as we experience the increased use of these gadgets at an incremental pace.

Progressive Web applications

PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) is not entirely a new concept, but they are being used very rapidly as they enable the development of cross-platform applications. Progressive web apps (PWAs) act as an amalgamation between native applications and traditional web pages. In simple words, they are websites with extra layers of development that act similarly to native applications. This trend will dominate the domain because users cannot distinguish the PWAs as they get app-like experiences. Users also get the aesthetics and UI (User Interface) similar to the apps without downloading the physical application on their gadget. The only thing developers need to ensure is keeping the security tight right from the start, along with timely deployments and regular customer updates.

Ecommerce and cloud integration

In the long term, the global e-commerce market has the potential to grow and is expected to reach $5.4 trillion by 2026, according to a study by Morgan Stanley. The widespread usage of the internet, lifestyle changes, changing consumer behavior, and technological advancements have stimulated businesses to develop online solutions to cater to the end user’s needs. As a result, integrating the cloud with e-commerce is becoming a high priority for businesses. The functionality of cloud integration determines the success of the e-commerce industry as it enables businesses to respond quickly to market changes. Moreover, Gartner believes cloud-based e-commerce applications lower costs with faster deployments, and they would allow enterprises to evaluate new opportunities without any upfront investments. Therefore, this cloud integration with e-commerce will be a trend for the times to come and will be accepted by several organizations.

All things considered

With the knowledge of these software development trends and the latest technology, an organization can achieve its business goals, reduce expenses, and accelerate its business operations. The purpose of software development can be different for different industries. For some, it can be to promote their business, marketing, and communication; for others, it can provide concrete solutions to a problem. However, it has become critical to differentiate one company from its competitors while giving them an edge in the marketplace.

Software development can enhance the client’s experience and bring feature-rich innovations to the market. Organizations are constantly focusing on software development because it ensures the setups are safe, productive, and efficient. These trends discussed above are some of the current in-demand requirements in emerging markets and will undoubtedly shape the technological domain for a while.

Author: Bhaskar Ganguli, Director, Mass Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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