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This being a hot and happening area, we decided to add it to the Users’ Choice survey this year. While quite a few players made it to the elite Users’ Choice club, we noticed very high top of mind recall for these brands, but very low current ownerships. So awareness is definitely there amongst users of the various brands in this segment. The brands just need to work on convincing users to increase adoption of their products.

MS SharePoint Server wins by a wide margin in both survey segments, but the runner up is different in each segment. In the 100-499 segment, the runner-up is OpenCMS, while it’s DotNetNuke on the second spot in the 500+ segment.

Sitefinity CMS and Drupal fight it out for the third spot across both segments. Surprisingly, both WordPress and Joomla trail far behind the other brands that made it to the elite club. Maybe it’s because WordPress is still perceived as a blogging portal for individuals and not for serious business use.

On the brand loyalty front, the winning brand SharePoint Server had only 50% brand loyalty, with the remaining users unsure of which brand to shift to. In the 100-499 segment, both OpenCMS and Sitefinity CMS have 100% brand loyalty. On the other hand, all users of both Vignette Content Mgt and Drupal were unsure of which brand to move out to. They either didn’t have any plans to move, or weren’t sure which brand to move to. In 500+ segment, users of DoNetNuke and Drupal are 100% loyal to their brands. However, Sitefinity CMS’s users weren’t sure which brand to move out to.

More votes came in from the respondents of SharePoint Server, Drupal and Sitefinity CMS for Brand value and product reliability than OpenCMS. And so is Alfresco Community Edition, users of which voted for reliability and brand value. And these appear to be the second reason for future purchase.

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