Sony CP-F1L Portable Smartphone Charger

Adeesh Sharma
New Update

Carrying a portable battery charger for smart phones is a handy solution for people on the go. Sony CP-F1L is such-like emergency measure to power up your dying smart phone with 5-6 hours of additional backup. It's a USB-based power charger for charging a USB-based smart phone, tablet, iPod, portable devices, etc. One can easily carry it in pocket, since it's very compact yet robust, has an aluminium finish and weighs just 125g. It has a 3500 mAh battery which takes 1½ hours to charge and lasts more than 3 hrs during which one can charge upto two devices in one go. It comes with USB and micro USB ports. To start charging through it, first connect the micro USB end of the cable to the unit and the USB end to the plug. And when the charger has to be used to power-up a smart phone or a tablet, insert the USB end of the cable to the charger and the micro USB end to the smart phone. Through the AC adaptor one can simultaneously charge both the charger and the connected device.


Bottomline: A slim and powerful portable charger for just Rs 3000 to power up your smart phone during emergencies.

Price: Rs 3,000

Key Specs: Portable charger, 3500mAh Li-ion battery, 9.4mm thin, 125g, charges smarphones, tablets and portable devices, micro USB port, 50cm micro USB cable.


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