Sony SDT-11000

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This was the lowest priced and barebones drive that we tested in the shootout. Plus, this internal SCSI drive also supported the lowest capacity and compression ratio of the lot. The drives uses a DDS4 cartridge and can backup 20 GB native and 40 GB compressed data. This makes it suitable only for very entry-level usage, such as a small organization, where data backup requirements are very low. 


The prime USP of this drive is its price as well as its recurring cost. The cost of the drive itself is less than 30K, and the recurring cost is just Rs. 10/GB. Don't expect an earth-shattering performance from this drive, though. The drive took more than two hours (131 minutes) to backup 16 GB of data, and an equal amount of time to restore it. While its other two cousins can backup almost 22 GB per hour, this one can only do around 8 GB. This is because of the DDS4 media which has a slower speed.

The drive doesn't come with any additional goodies in the package, such as a cleaning cartridge or software. 

Looks wise, it's very similar to the other two Sony drives. The cost per GB of this drive is Rs 23 per GB for uncompressed data and Rs 10 per GB for compressed data.

BOTTOM LINE: Overall, a very basic and entry-level drive for moderate back-up requirements, which make it suitable for small offices or where you need to do highly selective backups. 

This drive comes with three years' warranty just like the other tape drives from Sony that we received for the shootout. RQS# E22 or SMS 131122 to 9811800601

Price: Drive- Rs.27,500, Cartridge- Rs. 450

3 years

Cartridge type:

20GB Native, 40GB Compressed 

Avg. througput:

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