Sony SDX-250V

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If you don't need large volume backups, but whatever you do backup needs to be done quickly, then this drive is a good option. This one can backup 20GB of native and 52 GB of compressed data. The drive uses AlT-E Turbo cartridges for backing up, and looks exactly the same as the Sony SDX-450 model. In fact, even the performance is almost similar. The difference comes in storage capacity, which also directly translates to a lower cost. 


The drive took 45 minutes and 20 seconds to backup 16 GB data in compressed mode and 10 seconds lesser in uncompressed mode. Restore time was also similar. It took 142 seconds to backup a large, highly compressed 800 MB file, and 135 seconds to do it in uncompressed mode. 

Coming to cost, while this drive is cheaper than the Sony 450V, one drawback is that it has the highest price per GB ratio among all drives, coming to around Rs. 50/GB for Native and Rs 19.20/GB for compressed data. 

If you look at cost and performance only, then this drive seems like a good buy. However, if you look at the cost per GB, then it turns out to be quite expensive. It might be a better bet to spend a little extra and go for the 450V instead. Or if you're not looking for speedy backups, then spend a little less and go for the Sony SDT-11000, which can also backup 20 GB native.

BOTTOM LINE: We recommend the 450V as a better buy if your backup volumes are low. RQS# E21 or SMS 131121 to 9811800601

Price: Rs. 32,000, Cartridge-Rs. 1,000

3 Years

Cartridge type:
AIT-E Turbo

20GB Native, 52GB Compressed 

Avg. througput:

Apex Computers, Chennai