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Windows gets a regular dose of updates. Sometimes even 2 to 5 updates are
released in a week. Every Windows computer connected to the
Internet downloads these updates to keep the operating system secure. This is
fine if there are one or two machines connected to the Internet, but in an
organization, if every networked Windows PC has to do this, then it can really
chew up the bandwidth and not to mention all the wasted
efforts. That’s where a software called Autopatcher comes into the picture. This
is a software with all the updates and patches released by Microsoft, along with
various add-on software. You can burn it on a CD and then take it to all the
machines that require patching. The best thing is that the machine doesn’t need
to be connected to the Internet anymore. This can be great for system
administrators who need to frequently setup new machines for their users.

Direct Hit!
Applies To:
IT managers
Price: Free
USP: Update all your Windows machines with the latest updates
without connecting each directly to the Internet
Primary Link:

Google Keywords: Autopatcher

Updated versions of Autopatcher are released frequently, so make sure that you
download the latest release. The full version is pretty heavy of course, as it
contains all the patches and updates. You can install it in any directory.
During installation, it checks your current OS and extracts new setup modules as
required. The next window shows a categorywise listing of various updates. It
even contains Windows add-ons and registry tweaks for your system.

Choosing what’s suitable
Among the various update options, Microsoft updates are selected by default and
it is advisable that all of these should be installed to get your system updated

You can choose which
critical and recommended updates, add- ons and registry tweaks need to be
installed to your system

Expand the Add-ons menu by clicking on ‘+’ next to the name. You will see
various add-ons such as Microsoft Power Toys, Google Toolbar, Bootvis, TweakUI,
Sun Java, etc. Choose the ones that suit your need. The registry tweaks are
divided into tweaks for appearance, functionality, security and speed. Out of
these, select all the speed tweaks, and from the remaining three categories
install the ones that are required by your system.
Do not blindly select all options as there are various settings that can change
the appearance and functionality of your system. After you’ve selected the
components to install, it might take 20 — 60 minutes depending on the size of
the components.

Now just restart your system and it will be updated with the latest patches.
Overall, Autopatcher is a must have for all Windows users.

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