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ApexSQL has brought up a comprehensive suite of seven utility tools bundled
into a package for SQL developers. These tools provide developers with
functionality to perform tasks like comparison, synchronization, scripting,
auditing, editing and documentation of the database and its objects on SQL
Server. ApexSQL has priced the suite at about fifty percent of the combined cost
of the bundled tools. The ApexSQL Developer Studio is meant for enterprises as
well as individual developers who want to make their work faster, convenient and
productive on SQL Server.

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Applies To: SQL developers
Easy to use tools resulting in faster and
convenient development

USD 999
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You can download the entire package from We have provided
ApexSQL Developer Studio with this month’s PCQ Xtreme DVD. All of the tools are
included in a single download and installation. The installer needs .NET
framework installed and is compatible with SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005 and
SQL Server 7.0. The OS platform could be Windows 2000, Server 2003, XP or even
Vista. All tools in ApexSQL Developer Studio are licensed per developer making
it easy to procure a license of ApexSQL Developer Studio for each member of your
SQL Developer team.

Using ApexSQL
Before using any of these tools it is necessary to have a connection with
the SQL Server database. The connection wizard for each tool is easy to use and
gives options for selecting the server instance, the authentication method and
the database for the selection.

For an SQL developer, writing queries, functions, views or triggers for a
database is a hectic task, ‘ApexSQL Edit’ is meant to make the task easier.

Select fields and generate triggers for
them. The left pane provides various auditing, reporting and application

connecting ApexSQL Edit to the database we get to the main application window
that has the main query editor panel. Through this editor panel the queries for
the tables or functions, views etc for the database can be written, the results
of which are viewed under the Results tab. The option of Visual Query is handy
in making queries faster and easily, just selecting the tables and then the
fields upon which the query has to run we were able to make a Select query on 3
tables with ease. The Object Explorer panel features multiple tabs, each having
information about the currently selected object. ApexSQL Code, is a utility tool
for code generation. Developers can use this tool to automate the code
generation for data access layer code and for stored procedures. Select the data
objects in the schema explorer and then right click to select ‘Generate Code’ to
create the code for those objects. Through Template Wizard you can create the
templates for SQL, VB.NET or C# based code pattern. This allows for
interoperability of the database code among different applications.

Another important utility is of auditing the SQL Server that is provided by
‘ApexSQL Audit’. Through the ‘Create Triggers’ button under Auditing tool bar
you can create the trigger for the selected table and its fields for keeping
track of insert, update or delete commands being executed on them. Through the
Reporting option report generation can also be done of the audited data and that
can be exported to Excel or in CSV format.

The ApexSQL Developer Studio package
1. ApexSQL Audit: – An auditing solution, allowing developers to
track inserts, updates and deletions by users. Server side triggers
for such monitoring can be generated automatically.
2. ApexSQL Edit: – An IDE for SQL developers featuring auto-completion
and code snippet editor.
3. ApexSQL Code: – Code generation tool to create code patterns in
variety of languages such as ASP.NET. VB.NET, SQL etc.
4. ApexSQL Diff: – Database comparison tool that will analyze the
differences in tables, procedures, views, users etc. between two SQL
Server databases.
5. ApexSQL Clean: – It looks for unreferenced and unused database
objects like tables and procedures and displays all relationships in a
graphical, dependency viewer window.
6. ApexSQL Doc: – It creates documentation of the SQL Server Database.
7. ApexSQL Script: – Used to convert database structures and data into
scripts, packages etc. for versioning, deployment and more.

Other tools
The package includes some other tools that can be used by developers as
well as DBAs. ‘ApexSQL Clean’ is one such tool for developers that can be
used to view relationships among various data objects of a schema. Through
the ‘Dependency Viewer’ under the Functions tab, we can view the
dependencies of various data objects in a graphical representation. Whereas
‘ApexSQL Diff’ is a utility that is useful to compare two databases of an
SQL Server. This tool shows the structural differences in tables,
procedures, functions, etc and also the data differences. The
Synchronization Wizard helps in synchronizing the two compared databases for
structure and data.

Sometimes it’s handy to have a documentation of the database for reference to
view the tables and its dependencies, or for knowing the structure of a table.
‘ApexSQL Doc’ makes this possible. This utility creates complete customized
documentation in HTML help (CHM) format or plain HTML page format. The last
utility is ‘ApexSQL Script.’ Through this we can create script for the schema.
On the main application window, select the database and then its tables,
procedures or triggers. Then through Script Wizard we can create the script for
the selected data objects. The script can be generated for the schema structure
as well as for the tables data. These scripts can be used to export the schema
or few table structures to other servers.

The template code for a procedure
can be edited and
the resultant query can be seen in Results tab
The result of comparison between
databases is shown highlighted. The lower bar shows the differences amongst
DB objects

Although it takes a while to get familiarized with the customization of
scripts and triggers, ApexSQL Developer Studio can be a handy tool for an SQL
developer by minimizing his coding task. And even though it is expensive, it
comes with full support and maintenance facilities options by ApexSQL.

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