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Price: Rs 4550 (3 year limited warranty)
Meant for: Notebooks and desktops
Key Specs:Weight 66gm, 2.5″ size, SATA 3.0 GB/s, Faster system boot, noise free, power efficient, shock resistant
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Moreover, it also has support for TRIM command, Error Correction Code and static wear levelling to let the drive last much longer. Available in a sleek black outer casing and 2.5-inch form factor, it is a suitable if you want to get rid of a standard hard disk.

Some interesting attributes of Transcend 2.5 SSD include its lightweight, high durability and lack of heat or noise generation. In HD Tune benchmark test, it registered an average transfer rate of 27.8MB/sec with the access time of 15.2 ms. With a USB interface the slow access speed is hardly an issue because 2.0 transfer rates seldom go beyond Transcend’s average read speed.

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If you look at the performance test results, this drive doesn’t match up with other SSDs, but is far ahead of traditional HDDs. It is easily classified as a slim-line drive, since it is less than 10mm in height. And so, it should have little problem fitting in most any notebook computer or tablet. Its reduced weight, high durability and absence of heat or noise renders your notebook lighter, which is what mobile users, who travel frequently, want.

Bottomline: An ideal replacement for your hard drive, the SSD provides for faster transfer rates that you won’t get through your HDD.

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