Startups Can Leverage Calls for Maximum Profitability With The Help of This Cloud-Based Call Management System

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We understand how significant and cumbersome it is to manage calls. And calls are crucial when your team is sparing no effort to convert the potential leads. There you just can’t settle for any loose handles.

Thus, to help run your startup & SME smoothly and with ease, here is a technology called Cloud Telephony to do the job for you. In the simplest terms, cloud telephony can be defined as a kind of technology that takes your business phone system to cloud.

MyOperator is one such initiative that makes call management easy for small and medium-sized organizations. It is rapidly growing in the world of cloud telephony. MyOperator is country’s first end-to-end cloud-based call management organization.

In an interview with PCQuest, Ankit Jain, CEO of MyOperator shares the journey, experiences and the future of MyOperator and technology advancement.


  1. Brief about the operations of MyOperator.

MyOperator is a bootstrapped cloud-based call management system that provides call optimization solutions for businesses.  It is in its fifth year of operation. Being a SAAS product, it does not require any hardware or software installation. It provides a complete analytical report of all the calls received by a business, both department, and user wise. This helps analyze the call performance of the business. It is a sector agonist product and has been executed in companies such as Snapdeal, Lenskart, Kebab Xpress, FoodPanda, FIITJEE, and Travel Triangle to name to few.

MyOperator provides the gamut of features to SMEs and SMBs. It is not one feature, which SMB asks for it is the pool of services they demand. The features include IVR System, Cloud EPABX, Call Tracking, Call Recording, Remarketing, etc.

  1. How has the journey been for MyOperator & Brief about your International Market Venture?

It has been a wonderful journey for MyOperator and a journey of excellence and hard work. MyOperator is in its 5th year and we have come a long way by serving more than 3000 clients & managing over 1.5Mn calls daily.

The journey started with a mission to cultivate rural India into a better India by helping businesses and reach to the masses. With this idea, we have been able to attain 100% YOY CAGR growth.

With the impressive growth in India, we are embarking our journey in International market as well. We are on the cusp of expanding our horizon to the international market, starting with U.S. We see a huge potential in U.S market for cloud telephony, as it’s being an Information Technology Hub along with the Start-Up hub. We plan to go to 60 countries in coming years and will focus towards Enterprise segment in the international market.

  1. How was your experience working for “Mann Ki Baat’?

It was a great experience to work with the Mann Ki Baat. It is always going to be very close to our heart, it was like touching millions of lives with the help of a simple phone call number. During Mann ki Baat, we provided a toll-free virtual phone number.

It was one of our key clients who has believed in our product. This ensured us that our product is a viable product and MyOperator team is on the right track. We managed almost 50-60k calls during the Mann ki Baat that lasted for six months.

Mann ki Baat has been one of the key milestones we achieved during our initial days. This further enhanced our confidence in optimizing our product.

  1. How are your products and services different when compared to your competitors?

The competitor’s product is focused towards the Enterprise sector. This gives us an opportunity to serve the larger segment in India and that is SMBs. With about two million SMEs, the industry players estimate the domestic market size to be around $6 billion.

MyOperator focus towards bridging the gap for the SMBs. We are the backbone of business growth in India for both SMBs & SMEs sector. The simplicity of the product is the key differentiator for MyOperator from its competitors.

MyOperator software is a simple tool, which can be used within the time frame of 15 minutes without any hassle. It takes 30 seconds to set up the software. This software can be set up by oneself, it doesn’t require any third party intervention. In nutshell, it is a one-click setup process which can be done by anyone.

Moreover, our support system is available 24*7 to resolve the issue. At the same time, our upturn server ratio is 99.99%.

We believe in optimizing the product, as our key USP is our product itself.

  1. How do you plan to connect AI and Cloud Telephony?

Artificial Intelligence is the future of India. So far AI is present in the consumer technology for quite some time. Recently, businesses have also realized the importance of AI.  The presence of Artificial intelligence will further ease the human process in cloud telephony. Artificial Intelligence is raising the bar of cloud telephony in India.

We are currently in our beta phase of AI. AI will be the major tool or say the feature that we will be providing to our customers to enhance the business communication. For us, it will align towards Voice analytics and predictive analytics artificial intelligence software, which helps in identifying patterns in hours time.

  1. What kind of tech advancements can we expect in the coming future?

Technology advancement is a need of the hour. Cloud Telephony itself is a technology which eases the business communication with the help of IVR. In near future, we will be looking at a combination of AI, Voice Bots and Cloud Telephony.

The voice bot that will talk to you like humans when you call on a number to connect for business queries. This will eradicate the regular IVR call recording and bots will be available to talk like a human being. This will reduce the human efforts in coming years.

Data analytics will play a major role in the coming year. With the widespread use of voice and chats bots, analytics will become more intense. Keywords will now be defined by sentiment analysis. Analytics usage would be limited to enterprises and mid-enterprise market due to increased demand of consumers. Also, voice analytics will help businesses in streamlining the audit process.

To conclude, MyOperator has not only made call management easy for big brands but also for a small startup in a place like Barbigha, it is a small town in Sheikhpura district of Bihar. It was The Quick Point – a startup started by Shiv Shankar in Barbigha. It is an online delivery business for delivering neem-datun across the nation.

Today with the help of MyOperator, Shiv can sell its products both ways – online & call management system(IVR).

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