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There are a few things that I’m always with: mobile phone, PDA and PC. Being in the kind of work I do, I need to communicate with my clients all the time. If not meeting them, I establish a ‘remote communication protocol’ through e-mail or voice calls! And this is where the devices I have help me make sure everything goes well. 

My Nokia 6310, an enhanced version of the very popular 6210, is the newest entrant to my communication devices. Its battery, overall weight, sleekness and myriad features made me quite pleased with my decision to buy it. 

Use your cellphone with your PDA and
notebook to remain in touch with anyone at any time

The cellphone has an infrared port at the top, which I use for communicating with my Palm. Once I turn on the IR, I can use my phone as a modem and dial into my ISP as normal. I then use an IMAP e-mail client and a Web browser on my Palm to send, receive and manage e-mail as well as browse the Web (in text mode). Also, unlike earlier, the data service seems to have been made free for use and is charged only as per normal outgoing airtime rates, no extra monthly charges for it. Of course, you’ll have to check with your service provider to see if that is true for you too. 

My favorite is checking mail just before going to bed without turning on my computer. Switching on the Palm takes a millisecond and dialing up through the mobile is fast. Other things I do over IR are sending new operator/calling group logos and ringtones to my phone as well as 
managing my phonebook on the mobile. 

The 6310 also supports Bluetooth, which allows non-line-of-sight wireless networking with other Bluetooth devices. Using Bluetooth, I could have my mobile in my briefcase and still use it to connect to the Internet. There are Bluetooth PCMCIA cards and other cool devices for computers, the mobile and PDAs. 

Vinod Unny

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