Steps to clean your smartphone’s USB port

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Well no matter how good your phone’s quality or how gently you use your smartphone, your phone ports need care every once in a while. There could be chances of dirt and dust accumulation in the USB ports no matter how rugged your smartphone is despite using a phone cover. It can further lead to the malfunctioning of the USB port.

The smartphone USB is not as it looks, it is sensitive and needs to be taken care of gently while cleaning.

To stop your USB port from getting malfunctioned, follow these simple steps.

  • People usually try to clean the port with a needle, putting it inside to clean out the dirt that can damage your port.
  • This is not at all the ideal way, the safest way to clean the USB port on your phone is with compressed air. Compressed air will loosen dust and blow out dirt without you needing to insert anything into the port.
  1. Position the nozzle of the compressed air a short distance from your USB port.
  2. Keep the can in an upright position at all times.
  3. Use short blasts of compressed air to loosen dust and debris.

If your USB port is still blocked up with stuck-on dirt, then it’s time to go deeper. At this stage, we need to mention that putting any cleaning tools in your USB port can be risky and you need to be very delicate because applying pressure at the wrong angle could break the connectors or bend them.

You can buy phone cleaning tools online, but if you don’t have these to hand, a toothpick or plastic end of an interdental pick will also work. Using safety pins or anything metal is not at all recommended, and you should never jam anything into your USB port.

With your chosen poking implement, very carefully begin to work around the central electrical contact. Remember, the aim is to remove debris, not push it further inside, so try to use a small scooping motion. This should allow you to remove any deeper dirt. At last, give a compressed air blow and the dirt will be removed.

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