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Do you sometimes feel the need to monitor your office desk while you are
away: at your home, in your car or any other place? All you need is a webcamand
this tool with an Internet connection at the location which you want to monitor.
It enables you to instantly create a streaming server which will automatically
stream the feeds from your webcam to a web server. It doesn’t require a public
IP for streaming and can very easily work even if you have a firewall
in-between. All you need is to open port 21. And unlike other products, it can
even create the frontend webpage for you in minutes. Once all this is done, all
that you need is to upload the html page to the web server and you can monitor
live streaming video on it. Here, we guide you through the process.

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Applies To: System Admins, Laptop users
Price: Rs 963
reate a Cam fed website easily
Primary Link:

Google Keyword:
cam website, live cam


Run the software and start the
setup wizard. A window will open, click on ‘Next’ and it will ask you to
select the webcam you want to use with TinCam.
Now select when to refresh the
image on the website. If you select Timer, you have to input time & it will
keep refreshing the image, else it will grab a picture when it detects
motion .


Fill in FTP details of the
website where you want to setup the front page. Provide site details,
username & password, and the folder. To test settings, simply click on ‘Test

Select the second option as shown above and
it will create the page automatically. Now upload the page manually to
your FTP location and follow the wizard till it finishes, and you are

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