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Apart from playing most video formats and supporting conversion from one to
another, the VCL Media Player has a video streaming server built into it. All
you need is a video file or video capture device and a few clicks to start
broadcasting your videos over network. Here, we show you how to stream locally
generated video content with this strong streaming tool.
Download the latest version of VLC player from ‘vlc-media-player.en.sof’ and install it on the machine you want to share your content from.
Once installed, click on ‘Media>Stream’. This will bring ‘Open Media’ window
with four tabs on the top. Select tab depending on the source you are going to
stream from. Here, we are streaming a local file. Click on ‘File’ tab and then
click on ‘Add’ to add content to be streamed. Now add destination in front of
‘New destination’ and click on ‘Add’ button to add server address along with
port ( Under transcoding option, select appropriate codec and
click on ‘Next>Stream’. Finally to capture this streaming window, open either
Windows Media Player or VLC player. In case of former, click on ‘File>Open URL’,
add your streaming server address (http://192.168. 5.58:1234) and you are done.
In VLC, click on ‘Media>Open Network Stream’. Add protocol along with the
address and play. Besides media files, one can also stream live from installed
video camera thus enhancing the utilization of this free software. To do so,
open VLC Media Player, go to ‘Media>Stream>Capture Devices’ and select
appropriate capturing device in front of ‘Video device name’.

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To stream media content, start VLC Media Player and click on
‘Media>Stream’. Select first tab and click on ‘Add’ to add locally stored
Add destination of the streaming server. Simply select
‘HTTP’ protocol in front of ‘New Destination’ and click on ‘Add’ to mention
local address.


You need to add the address of the streaming sever for
others (clients) to connect. We have added local fixed IP of the machine.
From the same window, select appropriate ‘Transcoding
options’. In our implementation, we used ‘WMV+WMA’.


To capture media streams from streaming server, open VLC
Player on the machine connected to the same network and click on ‘Media>Open
Network Stream’.
After adding address and protocol of streaming server, click
on ‘Play’ button and enjoy your streamed video.


You can also open stream video from the server in Windows
Media Player. Click on ‘File>Open URL’ and add address along with protocol
and play.
To stream live camera from VLC, simply go to
‘Media>Stream>Capture Devices’ and select device from ‘Video device name’.

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