Strengthening Business through Unified Communications

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By – Mr. Sachin Watkar, Business Unit Head, Private Network System, NEC India

For any business to run and sustain, be it a small, medium or a large enterprise, it’s requisite to have a robust communication system. With work dynamics having evolved considerably over the years, the need for a reliable Unified Communications system cannot be denied. Unified Communications (UC) allows applications to be used concurrently, creating multichannel sessions so employees can collaborate more effectively. Furthermore, UC delivers a consistent user experience, meaning employees can work the same way regardless of the endpoint, operating system or network used to access the platform.

Mr. Sachin Watkar. Business Unit Head, Private Network System, NEC India

Hence, UC solutions offer businesses the integration of real-time enterprise communication services. Researches show that market for Unified Communications has been growing at an exhilarating rate for the past few years. It is primarily driven by the changing business scenarios/environment where small or big enterprises are looking at deploying solutions which could cater to evolved communication needs in the face of an increasingly industrialized and digitized nation such as India. In India, Unified Communication solutions continues to be a key enabler to bring voice, data, video together and integrate them with business applications, for swifter response and better business.
UC provides clear benefits and improvements which allow the businesses to enhance and gives the employees the ability to manage everything on their own – from anywhere, using any device. A few of the ways in which unified communication adds value to business can be:

Empowering employees to work effectively: UC benefits employees by empowering them to work effectively from any accessible location which is a key driver for personal productivity. Desk is no more just that one location where the employee works from. Thus, UC is built around where the end user is, rather than where desk is.

Team productivity: With today’s disparate workforces and decentralized operations, teams rarely meet in-person all at once. This is where communications technology plays a major role. UC benefits the businesses here as the workforce can use the same application can easily collaborate in real time. This way, the team productivity is no more a challenge.

Structural productivity: When both employees and teams are more productive, the organization will be as well. This has a positive impact on the business as a whole. Thus, UC helps in the growth of an organization.
Easy Communication: Companies have been using both email and voicemail for years, but they’ve usually been kept independent of each other. Unified communications creates a messaging environment that is not just efficient but also flexible.

Enables Mobility: Businesses have become more and more demanding and they require the employees to be available at all times regardless of what day of the week or hour of the day it is. In such a scenario, a good unified communications system fulfills this need by allowing employees to communicate on the go through apps on their smart phones and tablets.

Track Availability: Unified communications can help track availability of each member of a group and manage presence at a much more intrinsic level. This way, the company is able to establish a more streamlined communication channel and collaborate effectively without being restrained by geographical distances.

Collaborative Working: Unified communication can bridge the gap by providing the tools needed to connect, collaborate, and share information seamlessly across diverse locations.

Instant conferencing: There is always a hassle of traveling for business conferences and meetings. A unified communication system gives a way around by facilitating group communications while reducing cost and travel time. Not only are virtual meetings more convenient, they are also the efficient way to do business.

Consequently, Unified Communications system opens up new doors for a company and changes the way in which they do business. This enables the businesses to be more efficient, remain flexible and reduce the overall cost of doing business. UC additionally permits the employees to have the ability to manage everything on their own – from anywhere, using any device.

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