How to Do a Successful Rush in PUBG Mobile, Conquerer Tips and Tricks

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PUBG Mobile needs no introduction. Since its release on mobile platforms, the game has dominated the charts both on Android and iOS. Players around the world compete in a free for all battle royal in different maps to get the famous chicken dinner. PUBG Mobile like any other battle royal game has its own ranking system. Players all over the world compete to reach the top rank in the game. To reach higher ranks players have to participate in Ranked matches and win or get the maximum amount of kills. The better K/D you have in the game, the better you rank will be. In order to help players pushing for rank here are some tips that will help in rushing in towards the enemy. Rush is an important part of the game. The idea is simple, make a move towards the enemy’s location alone. Typically the 1v4 situations are called rush play.

PUBG Mobile Conquerer Tips and Tricks for Rush Gameplay:

  • When you are preparing to rush to the enemy hideout always remember to appoint one player of your team as a leader. It may seem not a huge deal but having a leader will help your squad to organize better and have a command structure in case something goes wrong.
  • Always remember to give cover to the player who will be doing to the rush. More often than not players will rush towards to the enemy without any backup and die immediately. Patience is the key when it comes to getting the maximum kills in the game.
  • Ranked matches are no joke so make sure that you practice a lot with your squad using a second account. Having a second account or guest account on PUBG mobile will allow you to play matches without worrying about losing and the losses affecting your rankings.
  • When it comes to rush plays one thing that often happens is your teammates getting knocked. Instead of reviving them at that very moment, tell them to find a cover that is safe. If you go to revive your teammate when they are in the open then you will be knocked too. Always make sure that you have the maximum number of teammates alive even if means to sacrifice one of them. 3 is still better than 2.
  • Practice your driving a lot or have a designated driver in your squad. Many times in Ranked matches in PUBG Mobile a squad gets wiped out cause the driver was not driving properly. When you are rushing from one location to another, having a good driver will come in handy a lot.
  • When your squad is rushing towards an enemy house then remember to plan ahead. The enemy squad already has taken its position and you have the initial disadvantage. So plan ahead who will enter the house first. Never let your entire squad enter the enemy house together.

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