Survey Reports

SW Development Tools

September 4, 2000

Visual Basic is the preferred tool, Oracle gains points to emerge as the runner up


September 4, 2000

In a market full of competing brands, Samsung retains its top position this year too

Network Operating Systems

September 4, 2000

Windows 2000 gains top spot, followed by Windows NT

Tape Backup

September 4, 2000

Sony comes to the top, breaking HP’s two-year reign, HP finishes second followed by 3M

Floppy Drives

September 4, 2000

Sony bags top spot, with little competition from runner up Amkette


September 4, 2000

Compaq pips IBM for the top spot, Wipro enters the Club after a long time

CD Writers

September 4, 2000

Sony leads the pack, followed by HP

Cellular Phones

September 4, 2000

Nokia is far ahead of the crowd, while others compete with similar scores

Digital Cameras

September 4, 2000

Sony clicks with users, both in mindshare and currently installed base

Accounting Software

September 4, 2000

Tally stays at the top—for the seventh year in a row

Desktop Scanners

September 4, 2000

A repeat of last year’s results—HP wins and Umax manages a distant second

Anti-Virus Software

September 4, 2000

Norton AntiVirus retains its top seat, leading over others by a wide margin

PC Quest User’s Choice Award

May 9, 2000

Users rate their favorite brands.