Survive Lockdown: Let Society Management Apps do the leg work for you

April 17, 2020 0 comments

Did we ever imagine, while we wished Happy New Year to each other just a few months ago, that we shall be living in a world where we cannot get out of our houses? However, the human race is known for its resilience. We always bounce back. We always find a way to adapt, no matter how challenging the situation. For instance, society management apps have quickly reinvented themselves to help apartment and housing society residents to streamline their requirements for daily needs.

While Swiggy, Dunzo, Zomato and even restaurant apps like Mojo Pizza have taken up the responsibility to help the individual with their basic essentials, residential communities armed with society management apps have been equipped to deal with the issue of getting their essentials.

How Society Management Apps can help?

The pandemic of Covid-19 has turned the world as we knew it upside down. Now, irrespective of our class and social status and privilege, people are worried about basic services like grocery, hospital visits, water availability. This pandemic has shown us the ability of technology to adapt to a situation that is unpredictably harsh. Let’s look at the services that are considered essential for residential communities.

Groceries: Needless to say, food is of utmost necessity. With several residential communities bringing in strict rules about the entry of delivery personnel, it often becomes difficult to use an individual based app. A society management app and the services listed in it are already pre approved by the Association. These apps have partnered with delivery services like ShopG, Evrcare who will take down customised orders of residents and deliver the goods at your doorstep. These partners follow strict hygiene rules and contactless deliveries to ensure absolute safety of the users.

Medicines: Practically every household has a patient who needs a regular supply of medication that may not always be available in the local medical store. Apartment management apps partnering with vendors like Medlife and Evrcare is again happy to help communities with their medical requirements, delivered at doorstep.

Online Camps: We all know how important it is to keep our children involved in productive activities for a healthy mental development during this phase of isolation. Online camps by companies like ZugZwang Academy are helping parents with just that. With a bouquet of online camps like chess, coding they are giving children the chance to learn new skills while at their homes.

Doctor Teleconsultation: The focus is on coronavirus. That does not mean, other illnesses have disappeared from the ecosystem. With hospitals and clinics prioritising the care of patients with coronavirus, consulting doctors on other issues is puzzling. Partnering with society management apps, Zeva and Portea have come to the rescue by offering teleconsultation with experienced doctors with all your health needs.

Online Physiotherapy: It’s difficult for physiotherapists to come home or for the patient to go out. The lack of travel options need not restrict the patient from getting their required treatment. Portea has tied up with society management apps to help patients not miss out on their physiotherapy appointments.

Assisted Quarantine: This is especially required for senior citizens or people with physical disabilities. It can get hard to manage the day to day life, when helpers are no longer allowed to be in the residential communities. Companies like Portea offering nurse assistance during this phase is heaven sent for people who have to rely on others to accomplish the duties of their day to day life.

Community Sanitisation: Disinfection of the entire community has become an integral part of fighting Covid-19. With the workforce of the regular housekeepers brought down, it is of utmost necessity to have the community sanitised and disinfected by experts. Companies like Vishwas Pest Control or Vijay Home Services, have partnered with society management apps to bring in their expertise to help communities stay infection free.

Corona Screening Kit: If Covid-19 has shown us anything in the past few months, then that has to be how sneaky it can get. Despite all the precautions, there can always be the risk of a coronavirus attack in the community. This is again where society management apps can come in handy with their partnerships with medical practitioners to help in early detection of the infection and containing it in time.

Miscellaneous: The show must go on. While we take care of our homes to fight the dreaded Covid, we also cannot ignore the foundations. Community infrastructure inspection, community accounting, builder handovers are other things that cannot escape attention during this time. Society management apps are again here happy to help.

Why Society Management Apps and not something else?

The answer is simple. The workflow is already set, the familiarity of the app is already established among residents, the vendors are verified and authenticated. The bonus being, there is nothing about community management that cannot be done online using these apps.

In times of crisis, it is difficult to constant search for numbers and vendors for essential services. These apps do the legwork for the residents. They are constantly partnering with relevant vendors and bringing all the necessary services at your doorstep. It creates a streamlined process that also helps the community management to frame their outsider allowance policy.

Staying home and staying safe is of vital importance now. And society management apps are helping residents and Associations to manage exactly that, by ensuring the essentials are available without stepping out.

San Banerjee, Co-founder and CEO of ADDA

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