Symantec Introduces New Era of Advanced Threat Protection

Symantec TM Advanced Threat Protection helps companies uncover, prioritize and remediate advanced threats across their control points – fast

Ashok Pandey
New Update

Symantec Corp. introduced Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), the first solution that can detect and remediate advanced threats across control points, from a single console with just a click, all with no new endpoint agents to deploy.


Advanced threats, such as ransomware, remote access trojans, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero day attacks, are on the rise and security professionals can no longer rely on using individual point products at each control point to stop them. The process of uncovering threat data across endpoint, network and email gateways is manual and time-consuming, which gives attackers an edge. Symantec ATP correlates suspicious activity across all control points and prioritizes the events that pose the most risk to an organization. Once a critical threat is identified, it can now be quickly contained and new instances can be blocked.

Symantec ATP allows customers to:

· Uncover a full range of threats from APTs to zero day attacks across endpoint, network and email, with cross-control point detection and environmental search


· Prioritize what matters most by correlating the threat intelligence from across local control points with all that Symantec sees globally through its massive telemetry

· Remediate the threats fast through containment of endpoints and blocking new instances across control points, with one click, from a single console

· Leverage existing investments in Symantec Endpoint Security and Email, without deploying any new endpoint agents


Reducing the noise for customers with Symantec ATP happens in a few ways. First, Symantec’s massive global threat intelligence combined with local customer data means companies have a more accurate view of which threats pose the greatest risk inside their infrastructure. Additionally, Symantec ATP includes Symantec CynicTM, a new cloud-based sandboxing and payload detonation service to discover and prioritize today’s most advanced threats. It also includes SynapseTM, a cross-control point correlation capability that collects suspicious activity across endpoints, networks and email to prioritize those that are of greatest risk to the organization.

Symantec ATP enhances existing installations of SymantecTM Endpoint Protection and Email without requiring any new endpoint agents. This allows customers to deploy a new installation of Symantec ATP in under an hour and search for attacks in minutes. The product can also export its rich intelligence into third party security incident event managers (SIEMs). As Symantec ATP evolves, the company plans to open it up to third party technology partners, including firewall and other security product vendors, allowing customers to enhance the value of their existing investments.

Pricing and Availability


Symantec Advanced Threat Protection will be available by end of calendar year 2015.

Starting MSRP is $35 per user annually to secure one control point

Starting MSRP is $55 per user annually to secure two control points

Starting MSRP is $65 per user annually to secure three control points

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