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Sometimes it happens that the anti-virus signatures are not up-to date or the
firewall is turned off on a user desktop, be it remote or local. This means that
the client system is insecure and prone to virus or spyware attack. However, if
it is a small network of say 10 systems, network administrators can easily track
such issues. But when it comes to a large corporate network, tracing such issues
becomes really difficult. This necessitates a solution like SNAC (Symantec
Network Access Control) for managing securities of systems in your enterprise.
This version of Symantec NAC offers you single agent for managing all the
Symantec endpoint protection products such as, anti-virus and NAC, making things
simple and lot easier for network administrators by providing a unified
reporting and maintenance service. In addition to this, SNAC can provide
on-demand agent. It can dynamically create an agent and deploy to the guest
system through SNAC enforcer appliance to make your network secure.

SNAC not only detects who is connecting to the network but also what is
connecting to the network such as server, PDAs etc. It automatically blocks
devices that are not authorized and automatically repair ones that are not
compliant. Symantec NAC also provides support for MS Network Access Point, and
it enables administrators to install a single system health validator on the MS
Network Policy Server. Hence it reduces the pain of installing multiple system
health validator for every third party application that is installed at the
client side, and gives you better integration with NAP. For reviewing this
product, we installed it on a server with a Xeon 3 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, and
Windows 2003 Enterprise Server. At the client side, we used Windows Vista and
XP. Installation of the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager was over in a
couple of minutes. With its easy-to-use interface it was pretty easy to do the
initial configuration. As the installation gets finished, it prompts to run the
Migration and Deployment wizard. This wizard helps in creating agent for both 32
and 64 bit clients with a single click. Once the agents are created, we
installed them on different clients. It was just one click installation and
everything on the client side was configured. Next we created a new policy using
the Symantec Endpoint protection manager console, and deployed it. Within
minutes, the clients who didn’t meet the policy were notified with a warning
message and those who did meet were shown a healthy sign on their system tray.
In addition to this, it also provides the option to control the number of times
a user can cancel remediation and whether host integrity check be done on the
host. The reporting service offered by this application is very elaborative. It
provides various report types such as audit, compliance, computer status, etc.

Rs. 1,006 (Approx) ( Agent, Band F,
Essential (24 X 7) support for one year)
Meant For: Large enterprises
Key Specs: Host integrity check, MS NAP
Pros: Single agent, single console, on
demand agent
Cons: None
Symantec, Mumbai,
Tel: 91-9867285844

SMS Buy 130359 to 56677


With the migration
and deployment wizard, you can configure the agent for unattended or slient
installation also.

Bottomline: Given the easy deployment feature and single agent
architecture, it is worth deploying in large enterprises.

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