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Syncplicity is a Web application to synchronize data across multiple systems,
thus enabling several users to share and act on the data. It enables you to
backup your important documents, photos, and music online and access them

Also, you don’t need to be a file techie as sharing, backing up, and
synchronizing files is automatic and just takes a couple of minutes. Install it
on one computer, sync your data, and let others access it from the Syncplicity

For multiple users there is no need to upload it again and again. Just create
a new document in your computer and Syncplicity will automatically upload it
within minutes.

If multiple users are collaborating on a document there is no need to email
files back and forth, instead you can set up a shared folder in Syncplicity.
However, you can retrieve your files which you have created a few months ago and
deleted later. Simply go to the site and find it there, as your files are
already in Syncplicity, and others get access right away. And if they choose to
use the Syncplicity client, the files simply show up on their computers.

If you’re at a client site and you’re looking for an important file, simply
login to Syncplicity’s website and download your file. Make changes if you want
and upload it back. The edited version will be there on your computer.
Syncplicity transfers all your data using 128-bit SSL.

Finally you can use Web-based services like Scribd ( to view
documents online, Zoho ( to view and edit documents, and Picnik (
to edit your images. Another important aspect is that you can correlate your
Google Docs account with your Syncplicity account. Also you can automatically
upload your photos to your Facebook account.

It is simple to install Syncplicity. All it requires is Windows XP or Vista.
In the following exercise we guide you all you need to know about it.

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Applies To: Office users
Price: Free up to 2 GB and for 2
computers. For each referral, get up to 3 GB, $9.99 a month
USP: Link your Facebook account with
Primary Link:
Google Keyword: Syncplicity


As you download and
install Syncplicity on your computer, it will start synchronizing your
computer instantly. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes.
Select folders to
synchronize. Syncplicity will automatically backup and sync your documents.
If you have multiple computers, Syncplicity will merge their folders


Now your files and folders are
backed up. Your Syncplicity folders are also available in your Web browser.
You can open any one of your files right away and work upon them.
If you use multiple computers
Syncplicity can keep folders on those computers in sync. You don’t need to
copy, download, or save-files will simply show up.


You can share and send any file
to anyone. Right click on a file, go to ‘Syncplicity’ menu and click on ‘Get
a shareable link’. Send the link over email, IM, or post it on your blog or
You can open files in Web apps
like Zoho, Scribd, or Picnik to do changes. You can do Word processing,
image editing, and more online.


To link your Facebook account
with Syncplicity, pick a folder on your computer you want to link to
Facebook. Any change you make in either location will automatically sync
back and forth.

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