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Syska LED brings another extension to its Smart Light Series with ‘Sonic LED Bulb’ a radiant fusion of Light and Music. Surrounded by colors and indulging in music, Sonic LED Bulb rethinks the confluence of sound and light, combining two conventional technologies to build one convenient gadget.

A Hybrid mixture of an energy saving LED light bulb and Bluetooth speaker, it harmonizes the essence of light with the melody of music. Illuminating 3 million colors for every mood, bringing endless possibilities the Sonic LED Bulb indeed lets you stay light Years ahead!

Audio-Visual Entertainment:Promising you infinite possibilities for personalizing your space with 3 million shades, the Sonic LED Bulb lets you play your favorite song while producing infinite color combinations that is in sync with the beats in Music Mode!Alternatively, you can even choose a single Color to create the perfect soothing ambience.

Lighting Never Sounded This Good: Now no longer you shall use your light socket just for light, integrated with a Powerful speaker the bulb gives you a crisp, room filling, high quality music.Easy to install the bulb fits right into the standard E27 Base. To give you maximum portability the bulb comes with a pendent light bulb holder that allows you to hang the bulb easily.

Complete control at your fingertips: Acquire complete control over your Music and Light with the user friendly “SyskaSonic LED” mobile application and experience wireless freedom! The advanced light control application establishes a seamless Bluetooth connectivity with the bulb, giving you complete control over the gadget. Change Color and songs; adjust brightness and more without moving a muscle.

Scheduled Lighting: Utilize the gadget to its fullest with its sleep and camera Mode. Create Wake up Timer or Sleep Timer to let your favorite music and color wake you up and put you to sleep. Additionally, you can also set the bulb to Adjust its colors according tothe image you have clicked with its camera mode.

This 5W Bulb delivers Comfortable, non-flickering white light equivalent up to 400 lumens with no harsh glares or eye-fatigue for maximum productivity and with a lifespan of 25000 hours and efficient performance you get to save upto 70% on your energy bill.

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  1. Chitra
    #1 Chitra 17 December, 2016, 10:23

    The above image is wrong. It is syska rainbow led and not syska sonic led. Please change it as it is misleading your fans

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