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There are so many tools out there to optimize the performance of Windows based PCs –by defragmenting, uncluttering the registry, removing temp files, etc. The trouble is that there are too many of them to install, making it a task in itself to manage so many of them, keep them updated, etc. That’s where a tool like System Mechanic comes in handy. It lets you not only clean your PC and repair your Windows registry, but also offers other tools to optimize PC performance, make it more stable and secure. It’s basically a one-stop solution to check the health and security of your PC.

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USD 49.95

Key Specs:Single suite of PC tune-up utilities, CRUDD Remover, NetBooster, Program Accelerator

Pros: Single tool that enhances speed, fixes problems, cleans up your PC and much more
Cons: NetBooster does not increase speed much
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SMS Buy 130750 to 56677

Key features

The tool is available for Windows 7, Vista and XP, and a single license of the tool covers 3 PCs or notebooks, which is good for SOHO or home users. Like similar performance tuning utilities, it also helps you clean temporary files, repair the registry, optimize startup programs and customize some hidden settings to enhance the performance. However, this tool goes beyond that to check for security vulnerabilities and offers tools like CRUDD (Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers), Remover and Program Accelerator. Its parent company, Iolo Technologies has identified 9 root causes that slow down system performance over due course, which System Mechanic is able to fix. Some of these include program misalignment, registry errors, memory leaks and RAM fragmentation, HDD fragmentation, junk files and redundant program clutter.

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Program Accelerator is tool that re-aligns all dependent program files in the hard drive. With continuous Windows updates and new programs installed, the dependent files become scattered all over the hard drive. Disk defragmentation does not re-align the separated files of a particular program. This is what Program Accelerator tool of System Mechanic does; it determines which program files are misaligned on the hard drive and then re-aligns them. The result is a much faster program launch and responsiveness. While CRUDD Remover detects and displays redundant programs that impact performance and stability of the system. NetBooster lets you customize your Internet settings to boost download rates.


We installed the System Mechanic 10 on a Windows 7 based machine, which had been in use for long time and had many applications and games installed. There were many that were removed and then newer versions installed over time. Upon running the System Mechanic for the first time, it performed a system status check to identify issues pertaining to the health and security of the system. It identified 37 security vulnerabilities, over 800 registry issues and 26 unnecessary startup items. Once these issues were repaired, the bootup time of the machine improved significantly.

Bottomline: An all-in-one solution that not only optimizes Windows system performance, but also looks after its security.

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