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In 2011, only 250,000 tablets were sold in India. By 2013, the number had approached five million. That is a huge 20 times increase in two years, while the growth in laptops and desktop PCs have stagnated. This explosion in the sale of tablet computers is just at its infancy as the tablet revolution enables the real revolution of an empowered and connected citizen. I’d like to share with you the causes of this growth, its impact and its future.
Three key elements have helped cause the mass adoption of tablet computers in India–affordability, awareness and connectivity.
In 2011, the average tablet cost more than a personal computer, and remained a multimedia toy for those that already had computers and smartphones. Today, tablets have become essential mobility tools at the price point of an average feature phone. To determine the correct price-point for the Indian market, we studied other markets to understand the price at which mass adoption was triggered. Our analysis showed that for the PC market in the US, this happened when the average cost of a PC dropped below a week of salary. This meant that in order to reach a billion people, to break the affordability barrier and deliver the product within a week of salary for an average person in India, we had to reduce the cost of our tablet to below Rs 3,000.

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