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Exploring the Exciting World of Generative AI: The Future is Now

by March 22, 2023

The world is becoming increasingly digital and AI technology is rapidly developing at an unprecedented rate. AI has become a ubiquitous presence in our lives, from personal assistants …

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AI finally comes of age

by March 10, 2023

It’s not really about ChatGPT, but the fact that AI has finally arrived in the mind space of every global citizen. Used to seeing an all-powerful Artificial Intelligence …

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Cisco- The Elephant With Cool Sneakers – And It’s Dancing

by June 16, 2022

Pratima H   Looks like Cisco is moving beyond the concrete office, making a dash into the car and even beyond- into the space. Cisco …

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Salesforce plans to launch voice-based coding tool

by May 5, 2022

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in almost every business, the interfaces that we use to communicate with computers and machines are also changing. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) major …

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Is 5G the missing piece of the Digital Experience puzzle?

by April 11, 2022

Soma Tah  Winning the hearts of Digital Natives ain’t easy and 5G technology could be the solution to many user experience headaches faced by the businesses in this always-on …

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Security risks that lurk deep inside the Metaverse

by March 30, 2022

Soma Tah & Ashok Pandey   As the world of metaverse is still unfolding before us in layers, we don’t know about the potential risks or security loopholes …

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How Digital Media companies can leverage tech to engage the digital-savvy users

by February 15, 2022

The digital revolution has caused tectonic changes in the way news is produced, managed, delivered, consumed, and shared in India. Driven by an enormous growth in technology, media houses …

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See the unknown, think of the impossible, & shape your tomorrow with Augmented Analytics

by February 1, 2022

What you see is what you get. What you don’t see, gets you!  This is exactly how the world of data is manifesting all around us with global data …

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The importance of data in powering AI for healthcare

by January 21, 2022

During a PCQuest HealthTechTalk on “Key role of AI in healthcare”, Sunil Rajguru, Editor, PC Quest, Dataquest, and CiOL, said that healthcare requires greater technology, no-touch technology, etc. Universal healthcare …

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AI/ML for more efficient and accurate diagnosis of cancer and other diseases: IESA

by January 20, 2022

Diagnosis of cancer and other diseases is a manual and challenging process for Pathologists in the field. IESA held a webinar focused on challenges faced and opportunities to use the …

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Building Digital Workplaces for the new normal world

by January 17, 2022

The looming uncertainty of any further lockdown has motivated companies to become forward-thinking and cultivate an organizational approach of being future-ready. Companies are now racing towards creating efficient digital workplaces …

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Will Virtual Hiring platforms be able to tame the hiring bias?

by December 8, 2021

Soma Tah   COVID has changed the hiring overnight. Being unable to conduct in-person interviews, large organizations turned to virtual hiring solutions. Automated resume screening and auto-generated assessments …

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Can open source solutions be a great leveller for Indian Healthcare?

by December 8, 2021

Soma Tah Open platforms and protocols help innovators devise solutions that would otherwise require deep pockets. As India prepares to create electronic medical/health records (EMR/EHR) …

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The A to Z of future tech trends

by December 8, 2021

If the smartphone was the single biggest game changer in the 2010s, it’s going to be techceleration (technological acceleration) as a result of Covid from hereon. The pandemic era boosted …

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The future is cloudy

by December 7, 2021

There was a popular joke when the pandemic broke out. A time traveller asks: What year is it? On hearing 2020, he remarks: Ah Year 1 of the pandemic! By …

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Data and AI Thinking are Crucial Problem-solving Skills for the 21st Century

by November 12, 2021

Once upon a time, the wealthiest were those with the most valuable resources. Now, it is data. Data in the 21st century is like oil in the 18th century, an immensely …

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Strategic alignment of Data can avoid bias in AI models

by October 29, 2021

Due to the pandemic when economies across the globe took a hit, organizations started thinking of newer ways to do business and move away from traditional methods as it was …

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“We need pragmatic innovations to solve today’s healthcare challenges”

by October 28, 2021

Soma Tah     The biggest healthcare challenge that the organizations faced during the pandemic crisis was keeping up with the demands. Thanks to the quick interventions …

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We need user-friendly tech to truly transform healthcare: Dr Randeep Guleria

by October 27, 2021

Soma Tah    The healthcare sector in India was lagging way behind many other industries in terms of embracing transformative technologies for many reasons, …

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PCQuest Virtual Forum looks at the future of HealthTech

by October 22, 2021

Premier technology magazine PCQuest conducted its first ever HealthTech virtual forum which was well attended and consisted of top personalities from government health, hospitals, health startups, diagnostics etc. Prof. Randeep Guleria, …

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