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Artificial Intelligence System can create fake videos using audio clips, images

by May 22, 2017

Oxford scientists have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can create fake videos of a person by using their still image and an audio clip. The system works by …

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How an IT Team Should Gear up for the Rise of IoT

by June 20, 2016

New global research shows rapid adoption of intelligent machines used for automating and optimizing business and IT processes. 92 percent of IT professionals surveyed recognize the technology is now central …

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Av3ar an artificial intelligence system can sense, predict, analyze and solve IT issues

by July 20, 2015

Perpetuuiti TechnoSoft Inc., an IT Service Continuity and Availability Management solutions provider, has launched its latest software product Av3ar, the next generation artificial intelligence (AI) system. The product can address …

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